Meet our Team



Rachelle Sherman, Vacation Travel Advisor

Rachelle has earned her Associates Degree from Southeast Community College. She joined Executive Travel’s team in 2010 bringing with her the desire and belief in creating memorable vacation experiences that enhance a family’s unity or strengthens a couple’s relationship. Rachelle has traveled to several destinations across the United States as well as in Germany. She is currently working on receiving her industry accreditation as a Certified Travel Agent (CTA) and has become a destination specialist on Hawaii. Rachelle loves the challenge of making travel dreams come true and specializing in customized itineraries meeting each person’s desire, with a focus on outstanding customer service.
Phone: 402.858.0030


Gretchen MillerGretchen Miller, Vacation Travel Advisor

Gretchen came to Executive Travel in 2015.  Before joining the team, she worked as a flight attendant for six years, visiting several countries around the world.  Some of her favorite places are Ireland, Greece, Italy, and India.  She has earned her Certified Travel Associate degree from the Travel Institute of America, and continues to learn as much as she can about destinations around the world.  She loves to create custom travel experiences for clients.
Phone: 402.817.3663


Brittany Forney, Vacation Travel Advisor

Brittany came on board to Executive Travel in 2016. She began planning vacation travel in 2012. She enjoys making her clients’ travel dreams a reality. She is passionate about planning relaxing beach vacations centered around tasting both wine and beer. She is working on her accreditation as a Certified Travel Ambassador.
Phone: 402.458.9851