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Giant airfare sale to Europe ends Wednesday –

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Are you sitting down? There is an amazing airfare sale going on for flights to Europe traveling between August 23, 2016, and March 31, 2017. These fares are more than 50% less than the average airfares to Europe during the fall. I checked airfares departing September 7 and returning September 14 from Omaha with the […]

Don’t be fooled by the cheap $29 airfares offered by Spirit and Frontier Airlines –

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Spirit and Frontier Airlines are arguably the low-fare leaders in the airline industry today. But just like Paul Harvey used to say on his radio show, now “let’s hear the rest of the story”. When you buy a ticket on Spirit or Frontier you have to almost be naked to avoid any additional fees when […]

Executive Travel takes “Pepsi Challenge” on Myth of Expedia hotel savings

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Study finds Executive Travel rates save $20.65 a night (18%)   Executive Travel has just completed a comprehensive study comparing the hotel rates offered by Expedia to hotel rates negotiated by Executive Travel on behalf of their corporate customers and found that the Executive Travel negotiated hotel rates saved $20.65 a night compared to the […]

Airport security lines appear back to normal –

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This last week I traveled from Omaha through Chicago to New York City (LaGuardia airport). Lines at all the airports were very reasonable and it appeared to me that all the long security lines of just three weeks ago had gone down dramatically. My flight from Omaha left at 5:15am so obviously there were not […]

Hello from New York City –

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I am writing to you this week from the Big Apple as I am here attending a conference called Exponential Finance 2016 hosted by Singularity University. This amazing conference brings together some of the worlds’ greatest minds to peer into the future of the global economy to see how business will be disrupted by the […]

Long security lines at airports shrank at many airports Memorial Day –

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Reports coming in from travelers and the TSA indicate that at many airports in the U.S. the security lines shrank to moderate wait times of 30 minutes or less during the heavy Memorial Day travel weekend. Over the weekend major airports like Atlanta and Chicago appeared to have reasonable wait times at security while airports […]