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Warning – Flying on budget airlines during the holidays could leave you stranded –

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Many people do not realize how much risk they are taking when they book a ticket on a budget airline to fly during the holiday season. The problem with budget airlines is that when they break down or have weather problems no other airlines will back them up and provide their customers with alternate flights. […]

Warning: You better arrive 2 hours early if you fly this week –

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This will be the busiest week of the year for airline travel as everyone heads for grandma’s house for Thanksgiving. This is also a time you will see a lot of families, first time travelers, a lot of kids and babies and seniors in the airports. This means that parking lots will be full and […]

Marriott CEO Arne Sorenson asks Trump to leave illegal immigrants alone –

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The dirty little secret that the hotel industry has been hiding from the American public, that it allegedly employs thousands of undocumented immigrants, may have been uncovered last week when the Marriott CEO wrote an open letter to President-elect Trump begging him to look the other way when it comes to undocumented workers. This letter […]

British Airways treats passengers like self loading freight by squeezing 52 more seats on planes –

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There ought to be a law against what some airlines are doing to their customers. British Airways recently announced they are going to add one more seat in each row of economy class on their Boeing 777’s that fly internationally. Passengers already feel like sardines when they fly in coach class and now they will […]

Hyatt Hotels launches new loyalty program and members are mad as a hornet’s nest –

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Hyatt Hotels is launching a new updated loyalty program in March, 2017 that is causing many of its 20 million Hyatt Gold Passport program members a major case of indigestion. To earn top status in the new program will require a traveler to stay two whole months (60 nights) in a hotel room each year […]