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Here is the good, the bad and the ugly about Southwest Airlines –

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I am flying this week to St. Louis for a meeting of BCD Travel Affiliates and decided to take the non-stop flight from Omaha to STL on Southwest Airlines. This made me think it was about time that I gave you my two cents on what is good, bad and ugly about Southwest airline. On-time […]

Employee Spotlight – Christy Waters

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  Tell me a little bit about your personality I’m unafraid to be by myself. I just love to have fun. I love to joke around and make others laugh, especially my kids and husband. Tell me a little about your family I am a proud mother of 2 wonderful girls. Scarlett and Annabelle, with […]

Will you soon have to have a Visa to travel to Europe? –

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One of the great advantages of the European Union (EU) has been the elimination of requiring Americans to have a Visa to travel there. Just a few days ago the European Parliament called on the EU to reinstate visa requirements for Americans traveling to Europe. Has the EU lost its mind? The continent is breaking […]

Here are the top five cities where you should not rent a car for business travel–

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There are a handful of cities in the U.S. that I recommend that you should not rent a car but use taxi’s or services like Uber to get around the city. I will always remember my $40 daily car rental in San Francisco that when I arrived at the hotel I paid a $75 daily […]

Hello from Cuba –

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I am writing you this week from Cuba. This is my first time to visit Cuba as I am traveling with a group of 30 people as we tour the island this week. March is the perfect month to visit Cuba as the weather is a picture perfect 74 degrees during the day. The American […]