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Travelers in 7 states are holding their breath as they may not be able to use their drivers licenses for ID on domestic flights after January 21, 2018 –

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There are currently seven states (Louisiana, Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Rhode Island, and Connecticut) which are not presently in compliance with the REAL ID Act passed by Congress that established minimum security standards for state-issued ID’s such as drivers licenses, that are currently used as ID cards for air travelers. Beginning on January 22, 2018 every […]

Have you ever tried playing airline seat assignment roulette? –

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I refuse to pay extra for those roomier seats with extra legroom offered by the airlines under the brands of Economy Plus (UA), Main Cabin Extra (AA), and Comfort+ (DL). So here is what I do to bag those seats without paying for them. The majority of people are like me and don’t want to […]