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Here is how a $116 flight on Allegiant Airlines turns into $571 –

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Buyer Beware! The low cost airlines such as Allegiant, Frontier and Spirit do a great job of promoting low prices. What the airlines don’t want you to know is that in many cases you will actually pay hundreds of dollars more for your tickets when you arrive at the airport with all their “hidden fees”. […]

Here are Steve’s 7 tips to make flying easier during the holidays –

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Next week will be one of the busiest weekends of the year for flying. Here is my advice if you are brave enough to fly this weekend and during the coming Christmas and New Year holidays. #1 – Have your friends or relatives take you to the airport – Airport parking is often full (and […]

Warning – flying on budget airlines during the holidays could leave you stranded –

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Many people do not realize how risky it is when they book a ticket on a budget airline to fly during the holiday season. The problem with budget airlines is that when they break down or have weather problems no other airlines will back them up and provide their customers with alternate flights. So if […]