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Here is one big reason to fly on the BIG 3 airlines for business –

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Sunday night I was scheduled to fly on United Airlines from Omaha to Chicago for a business meeting. As luck would have it, just before we were about to load the plane we heard the announcement that the plane had a flat tire and one would need to be flown in so the flight was […]

Steve’s 11 great ways to use your smartphone camera when traveling –

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My iPhone camera is my best travel resource. I use my iPhone to take pictures of almost everything when I travel. For example, instead of keeping all those receipts for meals I simply pull out my iPhone and click a picture and send it to the accounting department rather than stick the receipt in my […]

Marriott starts the annual process to devalue their Marriott Rewards points –

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SFGate recently reported that the travel blog “Frequent Miler” says big changes are coming in the annual hotel evaluations by Marriott Hotels that will result in it costing a lot more Marriott Rewards Points to redeem for free rooms. Basically, your Marriott Rewards points are worth a lot less starting March 6th than if you […]

Airbnb Warning! – Companies that allow travelers to use Airbnb could be open to lawsuits –

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Many companies today have put their heads in the sand and are ignoring how the sharing economy in the form of Airbnb has been creeping steadily into the corporate travel management world. At first blush, many people would casually ask, “What’s the big deal? Many vacation travelers love Airbnb so why not use it for […]