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Here is my annual tipping guide for travelers –

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Each year I get a bunch of emails asking for my recommendations for tipping when traveling. One major thing people should realize is that most tipping is based on the culture of the country you are traveling to. For example, the standard restaurant tipping for a waiter is 15% to 20% in the U.S. while […]

Here are 5 reasons I no longer want to fly on regional jets –

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I can’t take it anymore! This last week I had two meetings and unfortunately, I was flying on regional jets (small jet planes with 50-70 seats) for the whole trip. All the major airlines (AA, DL, UA) contract with other regional airlines to fly these little planes. Here are the five reasons that I no […]

Warning! CDC warns that Zika is still a major health threat to pregnant women –

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A week ago I had the good fortune of attending and speaking at the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) Premium Business Summit in New York City. At that conference, one of the speakers was from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). She spoke forcefully that the Zika virus is still extremely dangerous and that […]

Hello from Berlin, Germany –

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I am writing you today as I just arrived for a short 72-hour stay in Berlin to attend the giant ITB European travel market. We network with dozens of companies throughout Europe to make sure our customers have the highest level of service and support. This trip is all work and no play, however, I […]