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European invasion of credit card fees for buying tickets may hit the U.S. –

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  Airlines in Europe are already charging a fee to use a credit card to purchase an airline ticket. With the European playbook in hand, U.S. airlines would love to mirror these fees ASAP.  Now that jet fuel prices have doubled in the last few years, the airlines are scrambling for revenue to offset higher […]

If Airlines Sold Paint

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Surprise, you’re on candid camera! – Government taking facial recognition pictures when traveling internationally – Many people have been surprised to find out the government has quietly been taking facial recognition pictures for millions of people when they travel internationally. The new program was started in 2017 and this year will expand to all airports who offer international service. Customs and […]

Airport security bins have more germs than toilets –

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A new study published in the BMC Infectious Disease Journal found that airport security bins, (the giant plastic bins that you place your stuff in to go through the x-ray machines) contain more cold and flu germs than most toilet seats. My friend Brad Harse shared this article with me and it almost made me […]

Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky – Airlines quietly increase baggage fees from $25 to $30 –

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One week ago JetBlue Airline surprised the industry by being the first to increase baggage fees from $25 to $30 on the first bag and from $35 to $40 on the second bag. Then the dominoes really started falling as Air Canada, and WestJet quickly followed. Last Friday United Airlines quietly announced they would be […]