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New Study Shows American Airlines’ Frequent Flyer Program offers Biggest Bang for the Buck

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American Airlines and United Airlines miles worth 2X more than Delta Executive Travel recently engaged Zulu Solutions, a corporate travel consulting company, to study the value of the largest U.S. airlines’ frequent flyer mileage programs. The airlines included in the study were; Delta, United and American. Paul Glenn, Chief Operating Officer of Executive Travel said, […]

Warning – flying on budget airlines during the holidays could leave you stranded –

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  Many people do not realize how much risk they are taking when they book a ticket on a budget airline to fly during the holiday season. The problem with budget airlines is that when they break down or have weather problems no other airlines will back them up and provide their customers with alternate […]

Warning: You better arrive 2 hours early if you fly this week

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  This will be the busiest week of the year for airline travel as everyone heads for grandma’s house for Thanksgiving. This is also a time you will see a lot of families, first-time travelers, a lot of kids and babies and seniors in the airports. This means that parking lots will be full and […]

You are about to see five big changes inside your hotel room within 12 months –

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Hotel rooms are about to undergo major changes with the application of personal assistants (think Alexa, Google Home, etc) in the hotel room. I am anticipating a new hotel personal assistant that marries artificial intelligence with voice recognition will be installed in new hotel rooms in 2019 that will replace much of the electronic devices […]

Here are the 10 best things that airlines have done in the last 10 years –

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  The last 10 years in the travel industry have brought a lot of changes. Despite all the bad PR the airlines get for bad service, if you stand back and look at what was changed there are actually a lot of positive things happening in the industry that are improving the customer experience. Here […]