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Get ready for Uber and Lyft prices to go up 25% this year

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Ride-hailing company Lyft just completed their initial public offering (IPO) earlier this year and Uber is just days away from doing the same. Last year Uber lost over $3 billion and Lyft was a big loser as well. I was flabbergasted to hear one of the chief executives of Uber tell financial analyst that Uber […]

Here is the good, the bad, and the ugly about flying Southwest Airlines

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Southwest Airlines has been hit recently with thousands of flight cancellations from the recent grounding of Boeing 737 MAX airplanes. I thought with all the news I would provide everyone with my annual review of Southwest Airlines.  Here are my observations of the good, the bad, and the ugly about the airline. Good – The […]

Airfares are about to skyrocket higher –

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If you are thinking of traveling this summer you better make your airline reservations soon as airfares are about to zoom higher.  The grounding of the Boeing 737MAX is causing American and Southwest to cancel thousands of flights. Unfortunately, some are saying it could be as late as August before the 737MAX starts to fly again. Simple […]

New business travel study says average per diem is now $312/day – 

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The average daily cost for meals, car rentals, and hotels for business travel in the U.S. is now $312 per day according to the recently released 2019 Corporate Travel Index compiled by Business Travel News. The most expensive city is no surprise to many as New York City. It has the highest priced city per diems […]

Airline-sponsored lounges are so full you can’t get in

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I visit a lot of airline lounges around the world. I now keep noticing new signs popping up that read, “Sorry, no one-day passes allowed today.” Basically, the lounges are so popular that they can’t squeeze more people into them, especially during busy travel hours. I fully understand if an airline has capacity limits in […]