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I’m stuck in Santiago, Chile

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I’m writing to you today from Santiago, Chile. I was supposed to be home today but when I arrived at the airport gate last night for my scheduled flight home I heard the dreaded announcement, “Your flight has been delayed as we are working on a mechanical issue”. This, of course, is just the preamble […]

Steve’s Annual Top 10 Hotel Pet Peeves

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As you know I travel a lot. During my travels, I stay in a lot of different hotel rooms and I am able to notice a lot of things that are good, bad and ugly about hotels. Every year I update my annual list of top 10 hotel pet peeves. I hope you enjoy it. […]

Would you believe me if I told you I had great food on an airline flight?

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I know some people will question my sanity if I tell you I recently had a wonderful meal on an airline flight. On Sunday I flew American Airlines from Charlotte to Paris.  My dinner was outstanding as I had beef and potatoes. The person beside me had chicken and also said it was very good. […]

Flying during the month of July and August may become very painful

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All the major airlines (Southwest, American, and United) who operate the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft are now saying that they do not plan to enter the airplane back into service until Labor Day weekend or later. This is a major problem for many summer travelers as thousands of flights will have to be canceled in […]