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The first annual “Top 10 Airline Pet Peeves”

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For years I have been providing you with my top 10 hotel pet peeves. People keep asking me to add my airline pet peeves, so here you go. Several weeks ago I ask our 90,000+ readers to give me their biggest pet peeves and here are the winners. This will be the first installment of my airline […]

There goes my free annual supply of shampoo as hotels replace plastic bottles with wall dispensers –

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The hotel industry is moving quickly to replace those small plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles in your hotel bathroom with wall dispensers.  I have to confess for the last 40+ years I have taken the liberty of bringing home hundreds if not thousands of bottles of hotel shampoo and conditioner to use at home and […]

Hello from New Delhi, India

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I am writing to you today from New Delhi, India. I am galloping around the globe this week with business meetings in Delhi and Moradabad, India followed by a fast and furious business trip to Guangzhou, China. This trip is basically “for Zombies Only” as jet lag never seems to end. This is my first […]

99% of our readers say Marriott Hotels charging hidden resort fees is unethical

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Last week I shared with you information about a new ad that Marriott was promoting called the “Golden Rule” where Marriott proclaims “Treating others like we would want to be treated has always been our guiding principal”. I then asked our readers if Marriott making that “golden rule” statement was ethical in light of them […]

Marriott ad promotes the “Golden rule” yet they hide resort fees from their customers

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As you know, I have always complained that hotels that charge $25 to $75 a night for resort fees in addition to your regular hotel rate are, if not illegal, then most definitely not ethical. Recently I flew on a flight that every time I started to watch a new movie showed an advertisement (Click […]