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Here is one GIANT silver lining when people start flying again –

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    It appears many airlines are considering blocking off using middle seats on flights in the near future as they try to figure out ways for social distancing on airplanes. That will be such a joy to not have to be squeezed into a middle seat at least for a few months. How long […]

A “BIG BOOM” airfare sale is coming in May but the bad news will come quickly afterwards –

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We are about to see a monster airfare sale launched in May. The airlines are just holding their breath for the right time to pull the trigger on a massive airfare sale to get people traveling again once the government lets the chokehold off of the economy. I think in a few weeks the airlines […]

Everybody is talking about how dirty airplanes are but the airlines will need to have fewer flights if they want to really clean their planes –

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    The COVID-19 virus has caused a lot of people to question how healthy it is to fly in an airplane. The nice thing about airplane travel is that airplanes have state-of-the-art HEPA filters to provide real clean air movement on the airplane. How dirty the seats are is another question. Most airplanes have […]

I have four GIANT predictions that will permanently rock the travel industry as a result of COVID-19:

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  Prediction #1 – I predict the airline $200 change fees will be permanently banned by the government – All the major airlines except Southwest, prior to COVID-19, charged an average of $200 for someone to change a domestic airline ticket once it had been purchased. The virus has forced airlines to cancel thousands of flights […]