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Is this the year that hotels end the dreaded resort fees?

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  The pandemic has put hotels in a tailspin and they are dreaming up ways to fill rooms and generate revenue. One of the very few positive things to come out of this COVID mess has been that almost all hotels have suspended charging resort fees. Prior to this year many hotels and resorts charged […]

Here are two COVID-19 maps you need to keep handy if you plan to travel –

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  There is so much confusion surrounding the questions of where, when, who, and how people can travel today. We found two maps that can help answer many questions for both the domestic travelers and the international traveler. The first map is provided by United Airlines and is a domestic map of the U.S.A. that […]

Airlines are hemorrhaging cash and may go belly up if Congress does not throw them a second financial lifeline –

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   This morning I was shocked to see that Delta Air Lines announced they were losing $27 million a day. That means they are losing $810 million a month. Multiply that times 6 months and you see Delta losing almost $5 billion dollars before they swing into the possible uptick of the spring selling season […]

My crystal ball says elimination of change fees will be temporary and not applied to basic economy fares next year –

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Last week United Airlines rocked the travel industry by announcing they were permanently eliminating the $200 change fee they charge for domestic tickets. Within hours Delta, American, and Alaska Airlines joined United in dropping the fees. Basically, the airlines have made the decision to remove any obstacles from people willing to make a reservation and […]

Halleluiah! All the major U.S. airlines get rid of domestic change fees –

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This is the biggest positive news from the airlines in years. On Sunday, United Airlines shocked the industry when they announced they were permanently eliminating the $200 change fee they charge for domestic tickets. Within 24 hours Delta and American Airlines both joined United in dropping the fees. I hate to say I told you […]