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It is really weird traveling during a partial shutdown –

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This week, I have meetings in Rochester, Minnesota, so I drove the 6 hours here when I would normally fly. As you know, every state has different rules concerning what is open and what is not. I am staying at a Fairfield Inn and the breakfast buffet this week is now a grab and go […]

Virtual meetings are a dud –

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  This fall I have attended several virtual meetings and conventions. Quite frankly, they were a dud. Oh, the sponsors of these virtual conventions said they were smashing hits with great sales and results, but the reality is nothing is as compelling as a live meeting. I miss the interactions with other attendees. That is where I […]

November will be the travel industry’s “Darkest hour before the dawn” –

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This COVID -19 virus has been a tsunami for the travel industry as millions have been laid off and airlines, hotels, car rental companies, entertainment venues, restaurants, and bars have gone into a depression never seen before in my lifetime. It appears the month of November is seeing, even more, shutdowns across the world to […]

Hello from Rochester, MN –

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  This is about as exotic as it gets for my travel this year. I have several meetings here, so I decided to drive the six hours rather than jump into an airplane. I think a lot of people have decided to drive to meetings that are in the 400-500 mile range that last year […]