99% of our readers say Marriott Hotels charging hidden resort fees is unethical

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Last week I shared with you information about a new ad that Marriott was promoting called the “Golden Rule” where Marriott proclaims “Treating others like we would want to be treated has always been our guiding principal”. I then asked our readers if Marriott making that “golden rule” statement was ethical in light of them charging $25 to $75 daily hidden resort and destination fees when checking into the hotel. Well, the votes are counted and an amazing 99% of our readers said charging those fees is unethical. We had 921 people respond and only 9 people (probably Marriott staff) said this practice was ethical. 912 of the 921 said, “No way, Jose!” It is one thing to charge the fee but then to have the audacity to say they follow the “Golden Rule” is beyond belief.

Do we have an oligopoly in the hotel business that Congress should look at regulating? –

Following up on the ethical question above, If Marriott is able to get away with hidden pricing despite their customers and the public feeling it is unethical yet they continue to do it, does that imply that the Marriott and Hilton chains have too much power and should be regulated? I am a free-market kind of guy but I must admit that these hotel chains have too much power with the consumer paying a steep price.

Get ready for some amazing prices traveling to the Caribbean this winter –

The past couple weeks red flags have gone up as occupancy rates at hotels in the Caribbean have fallen like a rock. Some of it probably is due to the hurricane season and some of it due to this being their low season. However, the drop has been more precipitous that people thought. The good news for travelers is that prices for fall and early winter travel to the Caribbean should be fantastic. Call one of our friendly travel advisors at 402-435-8888 to find the perfect getaway from the snow and cold this winter.

Please help us build our annual list of airline pet peeves –

You name it tiny seats, small bathrooms, luggage fees. It is your chance to help me build my first ever annual list of airline pet peeves. As you know each year I publish my list of hotel pet peeves and hundreds of people chime in to share the good the bad and the ugly. Last week someone told me they loved my hotel list but what about an airline list? So here you go. Click on the button below and let me know your airline pet peeves and we will share with everyone in the weeks ahead.

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American and Delta are fighting over South America flights –

The big news recently was that Delta had purchased a large stake in LATM, the largest airline in South American. This was big news because LATAM and American Airlines had been codeshare partners for many years. Now that Delta has broken up the dance I am sure we will see American figure out how to extend flights into South America and keep the tit for tat going.

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