Airfares are about to skyrocket higher –

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If you are thinking of traveling this summer you better make your airline reservations soon as airfares are about to zoom higher.  The grounding of the Boeing 737MAX is causing American and Southwest to cancel thousands of flights. Unfortunately, some are saying it could be as late as August before the 737MAX starts to fly again. Simple economics tells us that if there are fewer flights and demand stays the same then prices will go higher. Do not wait for lower airfares this spring. Prices are headed north – fast.

Hello from Hong Kong –

I’m headed to Guangzhou, China for my semi-annual trip to the Canton Export Fair. This is the largest export fair in the world.  This is a short trip as I will only be here for three days.  My flight from Chicago to Hong Kong was late so I missed my connecting flight to Guangzhou.  Luckily I found a high-speed train that I can jump on in the morning and be in Guangzhou in less than an hour. Wow.

Hong Kong is one of my favorite cities in the world –

People ask me all the time what is my favorite place to visit. Hong Kong is one of my top ten. This place is like Las Vegas on steroids. It is the crossroads of Asia and the center of business throughout the region. Hong Kong also has some great hotels.  Since I missed my flight I am staying at the Ritz Carlton Hong Kong. You need to check this hotel out, Click Here. The hotel is 118 stories high. The spa and pool are on the 118 floor with breathtaking views of the Hong Kong skyline. It does not get any better than this.

I am flying United to China and have been impressed with the experience –

This trip I was lucky enough to find some business class upgrades that allowed me to fly business class from Chicago to Hong Kong. When flying business class you can access the new United Polaris Lounge. This is a fantastic experience with great food and drink.  It is so good that some travelers are actually arriving on earlier connecting flights into Chicago so they can spend a few hours before their international flight in the Polaris lounge.  It is that good!

Delta is testing reducing the seat recline on some flights –

Can you say hallelujah?! The space between seats on most flights is so tight that if someone presses the recline button in the seat in front of you the seat can literally be just inches from your nose. Three cheers for Delta for removing one more annoyance when traveling.