Airfares seem crazy high right now – Some are deciding to drive?

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My son Matt needs to be in Minneapolis in ten days and after looking at the cost of flying from Omaha to MSP has decided that he will drive the 378 miles rather than pay over $800RT for an airline ticket. Airlines have been quietly increasing prices and I have been amazed at how high summer airfares have become. I think a lot of the increase in airfares is simply the fact that airplanes are very full and airlines naturally increase the prices as planes near capacity. I think a lot of people will be shocked if they have to take a last minute flight this summer. That last flight you bought for $350 might be double or triple the cost of flights between now and Labor Day.

The rapid decline in gas prices and increased airfares will push people to rent a car and drive instead of fly this summer – 

Gas prices are falling like a rock. In some states, the price is below $2 a gallon.  In the last 4 weeks, they have dropped over 20% and experts say they could continue to go even lower. Using the business trip mentioned above from Omaha to Minneapolis renting a car for the week is about $250 plus 30 gallons of gas @ $3.00 a gallon has a total cost of $340 compared to the $800 airfare. The real savings comes in if you are traveling with 2 or three people. Airfare for three people on this trip would be $2400 compared to the $340 cost of driving for a savings of $2,060. The obvious objection to driving is the extra time it takes to drive the 378 miles from Omaha to Minneapolis. This should take about 6 hours to drive. Compare this to leaving home 2 hours prior to your flight to arrive at the airport, park, check-in, etc. Take the 90-minute flight (hope you are not delayed) and then wait the 30 minutes to get your bag and you have invested four hours to fly. Basically driving takes you only 2 additional hours and you save a bundle.

Don’t expect the Boeing 737 MAX to fly before Labor Day 

The unfortunate grounding of hundreds of Boeing 737MAX airplanes around the globe has caused major headaches for airlines and customers alike. Boeing says they have fixed the software but the airlines say they will need a lot of training and testing before they want to put the bird back in the sky. The regulators also don’t want to bear the brunt of the politicians’ wrath if something goes wrong with a relaunch so they will double and triple check to make sure everything is picture perfect before they certify the Boeing 737MAX is ready to fly again. I think taking all these planes out of service is one additional reason why the airfares are so high this summer. I think it will be September before the 737 MAX gets the green light to fly again.

Identity theft can turn your dream international trip into a nightmare  

When you are traveling in a foreign country this summer there are some very basic things you can do to prevent you from falling into the identity theft trap that the bad guys have set up. I recently found an article in that outlines  11 tips to keep you safe when traveling internationally. Even though the article is several years old. Almost all the tips are applicable today. CLICK HERE for all the scoop.

Travel ban to Cuba squeezes off Americans after three years – 

Three years ago the Obama administration opened the doors for Americans to travel to Cuba. Just days ago the Trump administration reversed course and prohibited most ways to visit the giant island to our south. Cruise ships have had to divert many sailings since the announcement as Cuba had been a perfect port of call for those ships with a home port of Florida. I am glad that we were able to have several groups visit Cuba in the last two years as I think it will be many more years before Americans are allowed to visit Cuba again. CLICK HERE to read more.

Few spots left on the greatest Italy tour …for women only! – 

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