Airline pricing is crazy as 2 flights cheaper than 1

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On Sunday I was in Wisconsin attending a family event at a city halfway between Chicago O’Hare and the Milwaukee airport. The one way ticket price to fly between Chicago and Omaha was $281 and the ticket from Milwaukee to Chicago and then to Omaha (using the same flight above) was $256. In other words it was $25 cheaper to fly from Milwaukee to Chicago and then on the same flight to Omaha. 2 flights cheaper than one. I drove to Milwaukee and saved $25 bucks plus avoided the famous Chicago rush hour traffic.

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Lost luggage tracking goes hi-tech –

On a flight last week to Washington DC my wife checked a bag only to find out it did not arrive at the same time as we did. When we saw the baggage carousel come to a stop without seeing our bag we walked over to the United Airlines baggage desk and presented our luggage receipt. They took the address of where we would be staying that night and said the bag should be delivered within 90 minutes. When I arrived at the hotel I received an email confirming that our luggage was located and I could follow the delivery of the bag with an online service. Nobody likes delayed or lost luggage but this new tracking system is cool.

Steve’s travel tip # 81 –

Always take a picture of your luggage on your smartphone before you check it in. This makes it easy to report the color, size, shape and even brand of your luggage to the airline if it is lost. Tip 81B – Also take a picture of your luggage receipts as half the time you will misplace or lose them. As long as you have your phone you have your receipts.

Steve’s travel tip # 82 –

Always take an extra shirt and underwear in your carry-on luggage. If you ever have lost or delayed luggage you at least have enough of the basics to keep you going another day without your luggage. I also keep all of my toiletries and medications in my briefcase along with some good cologne to keep me going. P.S. I try to never check my luggage as then I never have to worry about lost or delayed luggage.

Airlines will pay you for delayed luggage –

If your baggage is delayed for more than a few hours almost all airlines will provide you with a stipend (for reasonable expenses) to buy items like toiletries and clothing. You might get anywhere from $50 for an overnight delay to as much as $300 for a multi-day delay for an international trip. Be sure to keep your receipts as most airlines want you to prove you actually had out-of-pocket expenses.

Shipping your bag can be cheaper, safer, and less hassle –

Some customers tell us they are now shipping their luggage via FedEx or UPS and saving money compared to what the airlines charge to check in a bag. It also is a lot less hassle than schlepping your bags in and out of the car and all around the airport.

Buying travel insurance is the best protection for delayed or lost luggage –

For just a few dollars extra you can buy a lot of protection with travel insurance. Nothing will mess up your once-in-a-lifetime trip faster than arriving in Italy to find out your luggage is lost. Travel insurance allows you to purchase a replacement wardrobe for your vacation and not worry if your old clothes ever show up.

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