Airport security bins have more germs than toilets –

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A new study published in the BMC Infectious Disease Journal found that airport security bins, (the giant plastic bins that you place your stuff in to go through the x-ray machines) contain more cold and flu germs than most toilet seats. My friend Brad Harse shared this article with me and it almost made me sick. Ha! I also recall reports that your cell phone is actually the dirtiest thing you will touch all day. CLICK HERE to read the article.
Stay away from traveling to the east coast this week if you can –Hurricane Florence is headed directly toward the Carolinas and Virginia and millions of people are being evacuated. All the airlines are allowing for cancellations and/or deviations for travel to airports affected by the storm. I am so proud of our travel team who are working around the clock with hundreds of passengers to help them be re-accommodated to stay out of harm’s way. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this storm loses intensity or quickly changes it’s path to head out to sea.Hello from White Plains, NY –

I am here today to speak to members of the Business Travel Association. I checked into the Westchester Marriott last night and they assigned me room 911. Today is 9/11. Wow, what a coincidence. Perhaps it was to remind me to take a few minutes today and pause in memory of the thousands who died on that tragic day 17 years ago and to pray for the people and families who lost their husbands, wives, daughters, sons, fathers, mothers and friends on the day we will never and should never forget.

Airfare prices to Australia are dropping to all-time lows –

I think travel to Australia is about to grow dramatically as the airlines lower airfares below $1000 round-trip. I have even seen prices as low as $790 which is amazing. Many people have Australia on their bucket list and these low airfares may help them pull the trigger and head down under. The only negative of traveling to Australia is the 15-17 hour plane ride.

‘Tis the season for travel bargains –

It seems like everything is on sale right now. Historically, the period between Labor Day and the week before Christmas offers some of the best prices of the year to travel. Mexico, Hawaii, the Caribbean, and Europe, all offer great prices as the busy summer travel season winds down. This is my favorite time to travel as there are fewer crowds and the weather is cooler (in the U.S. and Europe).

Three cheers for American Airlines pilot who bought pizza for 159 passengers –

Recently, an AA flight had to divert their flight on the way to Dallas because of a thunderstorm and land in Wichita Falls, Texas. The pilot, Jeff Raines, jumped to action and ordered 40 pizzas from Papa John’s Pizza while his crew served drinks to the passengers in the terminal. Passengers were ecstatic that the crew was so helpful and caring. I only wish the news outlets would cover as much of the good in the world (like this simple act of kindness) as the bad in the world.

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