Airport security lines appear back to normal –

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This last week I traveled from Omaha through Chicago to New York City (LaGuardia airport). Lines at all the airports were very reasonable and it appeared to me that all the long security lines of just three weeks ago had gone down dramatically. My flight from Omaha left at 5:15am so obviously there were not many people in the TSA security line that early in the morning. When I was walking through terminal 1 (United Airlines) in Chicago I looked at the security lines at 7am, which would normally be a very busy time, and the lines were also very small. When I returned from my trip on Thursday I expected the lines at LaGuardia airport to be very long but was pleasantly surprised it only took a few minutes to scoot through the security lines. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the public outrage at the long security lines in May will make TSA add resources to prevent long lines in the future. I still recommend you arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes prior to your flight just in case the system gets bogged down. As they say, better safe than sorry.

Business Class sale to Europe this summer offers fares under $2,000 RT –

I was searching business class airfares to Europe this summer and was amazed to find many flights offering some amazing deals on business class over the pond. Normally a business class airfare will run 3 times more than the price of a coach class ticket. Coach class tickets this summer to Europe average $1200 to $1500. I found a business class seat from Washington to Germany and Greece for $1850 RT on Turkish Airlines. WOW! If you have never flown Turkish Airlines they have a wonderful business class experience with onboard chefs preparing the meals for business class passengers.

New York City’s LaGuardia airport may be the worst in the U.S. –

This last week I flew United Airlines to New York City and flew into LaGuardia Airport as it is just across the river and the shortest distance from Manhattan. When I got off the airplane I felt like I had arrived at some third world country. Terminal B looks like it is falling apart. They even have canvas sheets tied to the ceiling to catch the rain water and direct it to buckets sitting below. There is hope, however, as New York is planning a $4 Billion remodel project of the airport that should be completed in 5 years. CLICK HERE to read more about the new plan for LaGuardia.

Looks like Trump Hotels are taking major hit from the campaign trail –

I have been receiving dozens of promotional emails from Trump Hotels recently offering sale prices and thought maybe all the negative press on Donald Trump was hurting the 31 luxury hotels that his company manages. A recent article reported that bookings at some Trump Hotels are off by more than 50%. That is a whopper that could cause economic disaster if it continues very long. On the positive side you can find some real good deals if you want to try out a few luxury Trump Hotels this summer. I am not a big fan of Donald Trump. However, I am concerned that if business people try to run for office and are attacked so that it affects them economically there will be fewer and fewer business people willing to take the economic risk of running for political office. Then we end up where we are today with only lawyers and career politicians running our government. CLICK HERE to view the article.

United Airlines making major upgrades to international business class –

This last week, with great fanfare, United Airlines announced they were making dramatic upgrades to their international business class experience. The new service will have major upgrades to their business class product as they replace United Global First with the new brand, United Polaris Global First. They sent me a video of the new product and I must say it looks fantastic. CLICK HERE to take a peek at this fantastic new brand and service.

Are airfares about to go up? –

Airlines are reporting record breaking profits for the last year as fuel prices have dropped like a rock. Now that fuel prices are bouncing back some of the airlines’ CEOs are concerned that these increases will affect their bottom lines. Last week the airlines pushed through a 3% airfare increase and they want to push more if they can. I think the pressure that low-fare airlines like Spirit and Frontier are having on lowering last minute airfares used by business travelers is having an even bigger impact than higher fuel prices. It sure is nice to have at least some competition in the marketplace.

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