All the major airlines will never be great until they do this one simple thing

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At my Travelport conference, I had the opportunity to listen to William Shaw who is the CEO of a new airline called Interjet based in Mexico. William is an entrepreneur and some of the things he said were so simple yet so profound. When asked what area the airlines could do better he responded, “Be Friendly”. How long has it been since you have gotten on an airplane and the agents smiled and acted like they were glad to see you?  I think a lot of this stems from the seniority systems the airlines operate under so that length of service is rewarded not customer service.  So here is my challenge to the big three airlines in America. You can have all the fancy planes and technology you want but until your people greet your customers with a friendly smile you will never offer the best service. So simple yet so profound.

Hello from Toronto –

I am writing to you today from Toronto, Canada as I am attending a three-day business conference hosted by our technology partner Travelport. It has been over a decade since I have spent time in this amazing city. If you are looking for a great summer destination this place is it.  Many Broadway shows are here and this is truly a melting pot of the world. Great food, great shopping and of course the weather during the summer months is picture perfect. Plus the USD is so strong that if for every 3 US dollars you get the value of 4 Canadian dollars. Wow.

If I was King all airline flight connections would be a minimum of 60 minutes –

I flew to Toronto on Sunday night and had a connection through Charlotte. The time to connect between flights was only 35 minutes. As you can imagine our flight arrived on time but at gate C15 and my connecting flight departed from E11 (my guess this was a good 6 block walk).  I was lucky that I was one of the first people off the flight and I did not have to wait for any gate checked luggage. Even then I was almost on a dead run to make the flight. Imagine if the flight was 15 minutes late, you had to wait on your gate checked luggage and maybe needed a bathroom stop between flights.  Add to this equation that the airlines are focusing on having on-time departures so much that they will close the door up to 10 minutes prior to the scheduled flight time so they can get the flight off on time. If I was the king I would tell the airlines they need a minimum of 60 minutes between flight connections.

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