American about to take additional 2 inches of your legroom away – Customers calling them sardine seats –

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Just a few weeks ago American Airlines announced they were planning to reduce the pitch (Pitch is the distance from any spot on a seat to the same place on the seat in front of it) from 31 inches to as little as 29 inches. This basically means that it is almost impossible for a person taller than 6’2” to sit in a regular seat. The airlines continue to spiral downward in lowering the customer experience to the point where air travel is viewed as one of the most miserable things a person does. In 2000, American had a seat pitch of 34 inches. Every couple of years they continue to reduce the pitch to the point where travelers have lost almost 5 inches of leg room. During the good ol’ days American’s Boeing 737 had 134 seats. Today’s new 737 Max with the same cabin space has 172 seats. Basically they have added 38 seats into the same airplane. I understand United Airlines is considering this same path. I hope they will reconsider.

The U.S. puts laptop ban on flights from Europe on hold for now –

The Department of Homeland Security announced yesterday that it is not planning to extend the laptop ban to flights from Europe to the U.S. for now. The business community took a big sigh of relief as the laptop ban would have been a disaster for business travel. Although we dodged a bullet on this ban for now, the DHS says they reserve the right to use this safety option if they see the risk escalating.

Should you ever purchase frequent flyer miles from an airline? Maybe! –

For years I have been telling people they should never purchase airline frequent flyer miles from the airlines when they make an offer of 40% to 50% discount for miles purchased. This last week I was surprised to see where American offered to sell 115,000 AA miles for $2205. This is the amount of miles needed to redeem for a Milesaver Award on AA for travel in business class to Europe. If you can travel during the off season this is a big value as you can save from $1000 to $3000 on a business class seat to Europe. Most of the time when I see these offers I just laugh them off but this offer is pretty good if you are flexible with your dates of travel.

British Airways and Iberia are planning to start charging $10 extra if you don’t book directly with them –

The giant European airline is planning to start charging the fee in November. The hidden agenda behind this change is they don’t want the customer to be able to easily compare fares with their competition. They will argue it is cutting their costs, however, how does increasing your cost by $10 to allow for airfare transparency have anything to do with cutting costs? I think they are playing a game of smoke and mirrors.

Did you know that Executive Travel does almost 90% of our business servicing business travelers around the globe? –

Almost 70% of our transactions are done over the internet with a system that is completely automated. We spend much of our time building technology tools to make travel management and reservations easier. We also negotiate with airlines, car rental companies, and hundreds of hotels around the world to help corporations leverage their travel costs.

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