As many as 10 million self-driving cars will be on the road in the next 4 years –

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I know you think I have watched too many George Jetson cartoons when I tell you that self-driving cars are happening faster that a speeding bullet. The amazing thing about the exponential growth of self-driving cars is that it will actually change the dynamics of car ownership as more and more people will not own cars but use a driverless car service. CLICK HERE to read an amazing article on about self-driving cars.

TSA PreCheck lines are getting faster and shorter –

It is amazing what has happened in just the last 2 weeks since the TSA started limiting access to the express TSA PreCheck lines only to those travelers who have paid for a Global Entry Pass or TSA Precheck. When the program was first launched in 2011 thousands of travelers were given “free” PreCheck authority if they were a member of certain Airlines’ frequent flyer programs. Those freebies ended on February 1, 2017 and now the TSA PreCheck lines have wilted down to nothing and those travelers who have paid for the privilege of expedited screening are seeing the benefits of shorter lines and faster security screening. For a while last year the lines for TSA PreCheck were as long or longer than the normal lines. It is sure nice to see the lines short again.

Zika outbreak in Mexico is really affecting travel to Mexico and the Caribbean and is making Hawaii the big winner in 2017 –

This rapidly spreading virus throughout the Caribbean and Mexico is starting to cause more and more people to change travel plans. In the last six months we have seen dozens and dozens of travelers change their travel plans away from Mexico and the Caribbean until more is known about the virus. Hawaii and surprisingly Europe are the big winners for young couples as they are rapidly changing plans away from the sun and fun destinations of Mexico and the Caribbean in fear of the virus. I have been amazed that young honeymooners are also looking at travel to Europe to replace these warm weather spots.

Putting off traveling the world until you retire is the biggest mistake you can make –

Many people I talk to tell me they are putting off traveling the world until they retire. That is the biggest mistake you can ever make. I see dozens of people each year who tell me they had saved all their life to spend their retirement years traveling only to have a physical problem for themselves or a spouse veto the possibility of traveling when the working days end. My final advice: If you have your health don’t wait for your retirement to travel. Get out and explore the world while it is so much fun and before it becomes so much work.

One of every four flights was late in January –

The winter months are usually very tough on the domestic airlines as they have to face the wrath of winter snow storms with cancellations and delays. In January only 76.8 percent of the flights arrived within 15 minutes of their scheduled arrival times. CLICK HERE to see a chart from Business Travel News that shows the on-time percentage for each airline.

Next week we will be launching our new travel auction –

Next Tuesday, February 21st, Executive Travel will be launching our exciting Executive Travel Auctions. Every other week we will auction off airline tickets, cruises, and hotel stays around the world. All auctions will start off on Tuesday morning at 10:30am and end on Friday afternoon at 4pm central time. Every auction item will start the bidding at only $1 so everybody has the fun to participate. Our first auction item will be 50,000 frequent flyer miles on American Airlines (good for up to two RT domestic airline tickets). All proceeds from the auction go to charities around the country. Get ready to bid and win next week!

Attend our FREE CRUISE TRAVEL NIGHT next Tuesday, February 21! –

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