Canada will now turn you away at the border if you have a DUI conviction –

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I was shocked to learn recently that Canada will not allow Americans to enter their country if they have a DUI (Driving under the influence) conviction on their record.  It turns out Canada says a DUI is one of the issues that identify visitors as criminal inadmissibility to Canada. The good news is that there are a few options that allow you to overcome this problem.  A Temporary Resident Permit (TRP), allows a person to enter Canada for a specific period of time provided they have a valid reason to visit. A Canada TRP can take a while to obtain, so it is best to apply well in advance of your intended travel date to Canada. To learn more about the TRP CLICK HERE.

I’m in big trouble as Hawaiian Airlines starts weighing passengers to assign seats –

The airline recently received legal approval to start weighing passengers to determine where they should sit on their planes to make sure the plane is properly balanced prior to take off. It turns out that many Samoans who fly Hawaiian Airlines are men and women of stature and that has caused the airline to say they have flight safety concerns with the extra weight on their planes. I can see a new airline fee coming already from all this. They will call it the “too many snickers bars airline surcharge”. I guess you can say that people with my stature will pay the ultimate “excess baggage fee” when flying Hawaiian Airlines. I think they should change the name of Hawaiian Airlines to Weightwatcher Express!

We finally found a river cruise company that allows a single traveler without charging a premium to travel –

I had a nice conversation with Marci New, the Business Development Manger for AMA Waterways who explained they have a very popular program that allows single travelers to pay the lower double occupancy rate for select river cruises. In the past this meant that two people might pay a rate of $3000 per person but if you were single you would have to pay $6000 for the trip because only one person stayed in each cabin. Many singles do not travel because they are penalized and have to pay the second person surcharge on the cabin. Call one of our friendly travel advisors if you are single and let us help you find a great value on a wonderful river cruise.

American Airlines now has the youngest fleet of the Big Three –

American Airlines has been buying billions of dollars of new airplanes to meet its goal of offering the youngest fleet in the industry. During the 3rd quarter they continued to spend a billion dollars adding 21 new jets and removing 49 older aircraft from its fleet. Doug Parker, CEO of American, says the AA fleet is now 40% younger than their large network peers and that gap is widening. It is great to see American reinvesting their profits back into their fleet.

No more leaving on the first flight of the day for me at 5am–

For 40 years I have always tried to save the cost of a night’s hotel room by leaving on the early morning flight and returning the same day. This of course saves one night’s hotel room but takes a lot of stamina to continue when you travel every week like I do. This past week I finally decided to take the last flight of the day which usually leaves at about 6pm and arrives on the east coast about midnight. By the time I reach my hotel room at 1am I can have 8 hours of rest and make a 11am meeting and be back on the return flight at 6pm, and be home by 10pm and in my own bed. This does add about $150 for a hotel to the cost of the trip but I feel very refreshed and productive the next day. Why did it take me 40 years to figure this out?

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