New business travel study says average per diem is now $312/day – 

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The average daily cost for meals, car rentals, and hotels for business travel in the U.S. is now $312 per day according to the recently released 2019 Corporate Travel Index compiled by Business Travel News. The most expensive city is no surprise to many as New York City. It has the highest priced city per diems in the U.S. at a whopping $645 a day, up almost $36 from last year. San Francisco came in second at $534; Boston $489; and San Jose, CA ($446) jumped in front of Washington D.C. ($429) to round out the top five.. Biloxi, MS was the lowest priced per diem of the top 100 cities at $228 a day and Omaha came in #53 at $290 a day. For a complete look at the 2019 Corporate Travel Index please CLICK HERE. 

Every time a business sends a traveler on a business trip it costs $1386 – 

Many businesses focus their attention on the cost of an airline ticket ($450 average) when they figure out what the cost is to send a business traveler on a business trip. Using the per diem cost of $312 a day and figuring the average business trip lasts 3 days means that $936 will be spent on meals, car rental, and hotels plus an average of $450 for an airline ticket for a total of $1386 every time someone gets on an airplane for a business meeting. The next time a supervisor sends someone on a business trip you need to ask yourself, “Will we get more than $1386 of value out of this trip”?

Hotel costs an average of $170 a night – 

The 2019 Corporate Travel Index study also showed that the average daily hotel cost in the top 100 U.S. cities was $170 which includes taxes. New York City was at the top at $422 followed by San Francisco $362, Boston $318; San Jose, CA, $283 and Washington D.C., $272.  Three cities that our company does a lot of work in were Omaha, Nebraska at #67 at $143 a night: St. Louis at #36 at $173 a night; and Dallas at #26 at $190 a night. The average taxes you will pay per night is an amazing $23. Looks like the government has found the goose that lays the golden egg.

Think about it! It costs more for your hotel room than your airline ticket – 

Once again many companies focus the majority of their attention on trying to lower the cost of the airline ticket for their business travelers when the average hotel cost is now more than your airline ticket. Take a 3 night stay times $170 a night equals a total hotel cost of $510. Compare that to the $450 cost for the airline ticket. If a company wants to get serious about managing the cost of their business trips then hotel cost should be their number one priority.

Average car rental cost is $47 a day – 

This is one of the big bright spots in the 2019 Corporate Travel Index. Car rental prices actually have stayed flat for the last four years. Taxes and fees now make up an amazing 36% of the total car rental prices. That means you pay an average of $16.92 in taxes and fees per day for every car rental.

Business meals now average $94 a day – 

One of the hardest areas to control costs is in the area of meals on the road. This seems a little high to me but I also realize this can go much higher if a business traveler has to entertain on the road.

Now I must do a little bragging – 

Executive Travel is excited that we are one of the premier companies today that businesses engage to help them build a comprehensive travel management plan that implements systems that can dramatically reduce the cost of your travel expenses. If saving money spent on business travel is part of your job you should call me at 402-435-8888. You will be amazed at how much money we can save your company and how easy we can make the system work for you.

Airline-sponsored lounges are so full you can’t get in

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I visit a lot of airline lounges around the world. I now keep noticing new signs popping up that read, “Sorry, no one-day passes allowed today.” Basically, the lounges are so popular that they can’t squeeze more people into them, especially during busy travel hours. I fully understand if an airline has capacity limits in their lounges and wants to keep a premium experience for their travelers. However, if that is the case they need to stop selling one-day passes to every traveler for $50 when they purchase an airline ticket. Imagine how people feel after paying $50 and then finding out they can’t get in. This is not good P.R.
Here are three good options instead of airline lounges –

  1. Centurion Lounges – Travelers with an AMEX Platinum card can use the 8 Centurion Lounges for free at major airports. Although the annual fee for the card is high these lounges are outstanding. Click HERE to read all about where to find these lounges.
  2. The Priority Pass – This club has over 1200 lounges worldwide and offers a reasonable alternative to airline lounges. These lounges are usually a little smaller and often not as glamorous as the sizzle from the new airline lounges however they are quiet and offer good workspace and wi-fi with complimentary pre-flight bites and drinks. Their best plan may be the $299 annual fee for 10 free visits. You also get a free membership with the Chase Sapphire Reserve card. CLICK HERE for the scoop on the Priority Pass.
  3. NO Club option – Ironically many major airports have spent billions upgrading so they have added wonderful dining and shopping areas as well as comfortable seating and desks. Four of my favorite are Newark, Houston, Dallas, and Minneapolis. Warning, you have to find the new terminal or you might feel you are in a World War II time capsule. Two times in 2018 the lounges were so full I went outside and found a quiet place that was no hassle and no mess and NO COST!


I just returned home from London and despite all the doom and gloom in the press, they are booming! –

I had not been to London for several years as I admittedly often tried to avoid it as a connecting city because the messy terminals they used to have. But the billions they have spent have built an amazing airport at Heathrow. Here are seven quick observation about my quick trip to London.

  1. Construction cranes are everywhere – On my visit to the city I saw dozens and dozens of construction cranes everywhere. If Brexit is bringing economic disaster you could not see it anywhere.
  2. London cabs are historic and expensive – I love the old black humpback shaped taxi as you feel you are going back into history. But be careful as my ride from the hotel to the airport cost over $120 USD. Use Uber or Lyft for about a third of the price.
  3. Use the Tube – And I don’t mean YouTube. Use the London Underground to get around for short and long distances. The price is just reasonable.
  4. Take the train from London Heathrow to Paddington Station in the heart of town – The fare is about $25-$30 dollars but only takes about 15 minutes to get into town versus horrendous traffic jams.
  5. My new favorite hotel in London is the Hotel Café Royal – This is an amazing hotel in the best shopping area in London. The service is world class. The facilities are amazing and even though it has over 200 rooms you will feel like you are their only guest. The new restaurant named “Cake and Bubbles” is a fun stop and their fine dining restaurant is also a must. You have to check this hotel out by clicking HERE.
  6. Harrod’s is a must see even if you hate shopping – Where else in the world can you find a Mont Blanc pen that sells for $200,000? The food court will make your mouth water at just the sight. Founded by Charles Henry Harrod back in 1824 it is now owned by the country of Qatar and is a magnet for foreign shoppers around the world. If you want to watch the rich and famous enter the store go to door #4 and you will see a lot of people with sunglasses and bodyguards arriving in Bentleys and Rolls Royces. The Harrods Cafe on the third floor is my favorite stop for afternoon tea.  CLICK HERE for a short look at Harrod’s. 
  7. If you have never been to Europe then London is an easy starting point – London is still one of the most expensive cities in the world to visit, but it is a glorious town to visit that speaks English and loves Americans. Call one of our friendly travel advisors at 402-435-8888 so we can help you find the perfect getaway.


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Here are 9 dirty little secrets you should know about the Boeing 737 MAX the press won’t tell you –

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The hysteria surrounding the recent two flight crashes of the Boeing 737 MAX has lead to a tsunami of social media and press frenzy about the dangers of the plane. Here are some of my thoughts about what is not being said in the press.

1. The two airlines involved with the crashes allegedly had inexperienced pilots flying the planes. We have now learned that on one of the flights prior to the crash, an experienced pilot easily prevented calamity when presented with the exact same situation. Bottom line: Human error probably paid a large roll in these accidents.

2.  The airlines involved in the crashes have to blame Boeing .Otherwise, they are admitting that their pilots are responsible and they can be held liable for billions of dollars of lawsuits as well as the possibility of bad P.R. that could potentially put them out of business.

3.  Boeing can’t say publicly that the airlines have inexperienced pilots that contributed directly to the crashes. If they did the airlines would not buy additional airplanes from them.

4.  The airlines will not attack Boeing too much as there are only two major airline manufacturers (Boeing and Airbus). If you remove the ability to buy from one, that leaves you with one supplier and have no ability to negotiate lower pricing.

5. The Boeing 737 MAX will be the safest airplane in the skies after all the testing, inspections, redesigned software and new training are completed in the coming weeks. The stakes are too high for both the airlines and Boeing for the airplane to suffer even one more incident.

6.  The airlines have to have the Boeing 737 MAX be successful. Airlines need thousands of new planes to grow. The 737 Max is the only game in town for growth for many airlines over the next 5 years.

7.  The Boeing 737 has been one of the airline industry’s most successful and safest airplanes in history. It has a safety record that has been and will continue to make it the safest airplane (not withstanding human error).

8. No pilot or their union will support flying the plane until they are sure it is safe.

9. The only bad thing about the new Boeing 737 MAX is that some airlines are sneaking one or two more rows of seats on the plane in order to sell more seats and make more money.
 To do this, they are removing even more legroom, and even worse, they are making the bathrooms smaller to add 6 to 12 more seats.
Here are three great articles/videos explaining the technical issues of the 737 MAX.
Flying the Boeing 737 Max 8: A pilot’s view from inside the cockpit. CLICK HERE
For details of airplane safety: CLICK HERE
Boeing 737 MAX: How its MCAS software works and what’s being done to address concerns. CLICK HERE

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Here are the top five cities where you should not rent a car for business travel

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There are a handful of cities in the U.S. that I recommend that you should not rent a car but use taxi’s or services like Uber or Lyft to get around. I will always remember my $40 daily car rental in San Francisco that when I arrived at the hotel I paid a $75 daily valet parking fee. You can buy a lot of cab or Uber rides for $115 a day. Here is my list of the top cities you should NOT rent a car when traveling for business:

#1 New York City – I think everyone could have guessed this one.

#2 San Francisco – This is the one that stung me for the $75 valet parking.

#3 Boston – This city is so compact you can almost walk around the city easier than driving. Taxi’s here are bad.

#4 Washington D.C. – The METRO is the easiest way around and taxies are also cheap.

#5 Chicago –  If you’re heading downtown the “L” is the fastest and cheapest way. Once downtown Uber is best.

Airline airport clubs won’t let you in if you are not flying on their airline – 

Delta,  American and United Airlines all announced they are restricting access for their Airline Club members. Delta was the first to change the rules and said beginning Jan. 1, 2019, Delta Sky Club members will only be able to access Delta Sky Club when traveling on a flight operated by Delta or its partner airlines. Previously it did not matter if you were flying Delta or another airline you could access the lounges as long as they had same-day travel booked.CLICK HERE for more info on Delta Sky Club changes.  American’s Admirals Club was next in line to copy the rule changes and they are making the change on November 1, 2019. CLICK HERE for the Admiral’s Club information. United was the last hold-out and they said they too would limit access to the United Club to only those travelers flying United. CLICK HERE for the UA info. The airlines are obviously trying to limit the number of people in their Clubs but this latest change is making many of their best customers mad as a hornet.

Have you been BONVOYED?

Marriott Resorts and Hotels recently relaunched their Marriott Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest programs as BONVOY. Some of their customers are not very happy with the new program and they have launched a new web site as a place that showcases many of program problems and encourages members to submit their own stories. According to the web site, “ We need to make them (Marriott)understand. By compiling all of your stories in one place, we will be able to show them that all of these ”little” mistakes are quickly adding up to a huge problem. If we band together, we can make Marriott listen to their customers.” The web site goes on to say, ”Eligible unhappy Marriott members who share their stories with us can expect to see some good things coming to their inboxes soon. Competing hotel brands are willing to offer status matches, elite status fast tracks, and more to gain your business. Let us bring you together with the programs that want to treat you right. Not only will we hear your concerns, but we will help you find a new place to stay without losing all of the perks and benefits you expect and deserve.” CLICK HERE to read more.

Be careful using public ATM machines in foreign countries

If you are traveling to foreign countries you should be extra careful when using a public ATM to access cash. Many bad guys are placing skimmers over the ATM card slot which allows the thieves to steal your card info and empty out your account. The safest place to access cash is at bank ATMs where the security is the safest. I use ATMs a lot when I travel internationally. However, I always try to use the bank ATMs instead of the ones unattended on the street.

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One of the many reasons you should use Executive Travel is that we can refund your non-refundable ticket if you let us know within 24 hours of when the ticket was issued. This can save you hundreds of dollars if schedules change quickly.

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