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ETIntelligence represents the comprehensive approach we use to provide client solutions. It is both a method for identifying the most appropriate set of products and services for travel management programs, but also the modular suite of products and services used in this process.

A customized, modular approach to create the right balance of high-touch service and cost-effective automation for optimum service, security and savings



This planning and booking solution integrates full service and online reservation support for maximum service to travelers.
We focus on high-touch service and customized options with multiple reservation methods to fit individual traveler and program requirements including:

  • A dedicated team leader as the main contact for all counselor-assisted reservations.
  • An online booking tool customized to your travel policy and needs.
  • Toll-free after-hours service for travelers regardless of where they are across the globe.
  • VIP and special support services for travelers requiring assistance with visas and passports.



A focus on automation assures that no preventable service issues interfere with the travel process or financial reconciliation on return. From the time the trip is booked, automated routines review the itinerary for imperfections or opportunities for improvement. For example, after a ticket is booked, our systems may find:

  • A lower fare that can be re-booked for instant savings
  • A better seat assignment based on traveler preferences
  • An unused ticket credit that can be applied to the trip

We work with you to understand your corporate structure and requirements and program the system accordingly.



Our web-based traveler tracking system shows travelers in transit and their itinerary status by tracking flights and connections in real-time. By combining reservation data with the world’s most complete real-time flight tracking and airport delay information, we have complete access to travel status should an emergency arise.

These alerts notify travelers of flight status prior to and while traveling. An email or text message alerts them to possible delays, cancellations, gate changes or need for different accommodations.

  • Global Emergency Service: Support assistance is available “24/7” from experienced corporate agents around the world. Emergency center agents use the same technology, access the same travel profiles and receive the same training as your dedicated travel agents. After regular hours, your travelers can call the emergency center toll free within the U.S. and collect when traveling abroad.
  • Duty of Care and Risk Management: Using messaging tools, we incorporate traveler location and itinerary data into a two-way communication system, using text, email or voice, enabling us to track travelers and ensure their well-being.



Web-based data consolidation and reporting tools address your needs to better manage travel expenses and increase traveler productivity. We provide travel managers, procurement staff and security personnel real-time interaction with your data. Working from a user-friendly, executive dashboard, you can audit savings in real time; manage and report on supplier contracts; and review booked versus actual data. System features include:

  • Comprehensive data: Consolidated local and worldwide data for a global view of your program including air, hotel, car, credit card and rail activity.
  • Standardized data: Proven processes confirm data and deliver it in a standard format.
  • Customized report definition: We tailor reports to your needs and provide transaction details or summaries based on your custom tiers,cost centers, specific jobs, etc.
  • Negotiating power: Information on supplier expenditures (including air, car and hotel), traveler trends and progress toward contract goals, enabling you to manage your next procurement cycle better.
  • Planning and benchmarking: Local and consolidated data reporting supports planning and benchmarking by showing travel program trends.
  • Policy compliance: Check travel policy compliance through use of exception reporting.
  • Performance measurement: Gauge key program metrics such as market share performance and highlight areas of success orthose that need improvement.



This suite of products and processes help demonstrate the value of your travel program, minimize costs, track travelers to reduce risk and easily monitor spending.

  • Business Reviews: the best way to keep your program on track is to review its performance and the industry forecasts at regular intervals. Your account manager will set up quarterly meetings that engage you, your stakeholders and subject matter experts and executives from the Executive Travel team. Every opportunity to assess and update your strategy is an opportunity to add value to your program.
  • Service Quality Management: This software creates institutional knowledge about service delivery for each traveler and ensures excellent service delivery from the point of contact through post-trip follow-up. SQM lets agents quickly journal traveler feedback or document issues in a central database, making it instantly accessible to the Executive Travel management team to take action.