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As your business grows and your travelers are supporting clients in new markets, you need the reach and resources of a trusted global travel support team. Executive Travel has the experience and resources you need. We partner with BCD Travel, one of the largest travel management companies in the world, to provide on-the-ground support to your travelers in more than 105 countries and buying power for suppliers all over the world. This partnership offers you the best of all worlds:

We provide the best of all worlds with local management, global support and a customized service plan created specifically for your company’s unique requirements. 

It is essential to provide an effective worldwide travel solution by balancing global client requirements with local market cultures. You need a travel management company that will listen to what you want to achieve and combine this with local knowledge to create a solution that works on both a global and local level.

A true partner will lead any dialogue on global travel strategy, identify potential challenges and develop plans aimed at facilitating change in a way that achieves buy-in and, ultimately, compliance. This proactive partnership will allow you to develop a customized, comprehensive, global solution based on your needs, objectives and corporate culture.

More and more, corporations are consolidating their travel programs on a multinational basis, reducing total travel expenditures by as much as 25% through streamlining and consolidation. These savings come from enhanced supplier discounts, creation of a best-in-class global or regional travel policy and cost benefits related to better processes. We have also found the most sustainable programs are those where corporations want to manage their program effectively, not just find savings.

Consolidation delivers better security

and safety for your travelers, adds

transparency and reduces the complexity

of your travel program

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