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“Travel Tech in 20” is a 20-minute technology briefing focusing on technology that can disrupt the travel industry and simplify travel for you.



Yapta dynamically tracks prices on all your company's booked airline tickets and hotel rooms, sending instant savings alerts when prices drop. On average, that average traveler saves $369 per trip, resulting in millions of dollars saved in your travel program. No longer do you have to worry about getting the best flight or hotel deals. With Yapta, it's guaranteed.


Trappit is a global re-shopping post-ticketing airline solution for corporations and travel agencies to help them control their airline expenses. Founded in 2014, Trappit developed proprietary and patented software called ARPO (airline revenue price optimization) to monitor airline ticket prices. ARPO searches for lower fares on purchased airline tickets and when it finds a lower fare, it notifies the travel agency, so they can rebook the ticket. Trappit solution provides a 2-5% savings on air travel costs depending on the client’s travel policy and industry.

Prime Numbers Technology

Prime Analytics provides users with the ability to manage goals, maximize ROI, explore custom analytics, manage suppliers, and perform benchmark comparisons against our extensive database. Prime Analytics delivers all the tools you need to effectively report on and manage your company’s travel program!

For a detailed demo of Prime Numbers Technology or for any questions, please email Mark at


In an industry that is in constant motion, Cirium helps control the uncontrollable with accurate data, flight monitoring, alerts, and advanced analytics. Cirium's suite of solutions enables you to make more informed decisions and predict future demand. Helping you to improve traveler experience, develop commercial strategy, manage financial investments or elevate air operations. Solve it with Cirium.

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Traxo fuses the travel industry's most advanced parsing engine with powerful itinerary management and the ultimate travel data API. Traxo CONNECT captures all on and off-platform business travel bookings. Corporations – with or without managed travel programs – gain comprehensive visibility into employee travel plans before trips begin and achieve new insights into their overall travel spending.

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Whether you’re monitoring five flights or five thousand, Lumo Navigator provides a comprehensive view of current status and predicted delays for all of your travelers so you can proactively manage disruptions. Eliminate delays. Improve traveler satisfaction. Make air travel smarter.

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WhereTo uses Artificial Intelligence to remove traveler frustration when trying to book a trip by making the process easy and always within compliance. WhereTo utilizes a proprietary algorithm, built by a Harvard PhD particle physicist, to rank travel options based on a balance of price, luxury, and commute time in alignment with your company's values and culture.

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