Points Simplified

Booking award flights and hotels using points and miles can be a headache often taking days to research and book the flights you need with the points you have; but are you getting a good deal? Introducing “Points Simplified” by Executive Travel.
Points Simplified is a new service designed to make using your airline, hotel and credit card points easy.


Virtual Payments

The average company spends upwards of 25 hours per week working with credit card authorization forms and reconciliations. Imagine the savings of time and money if that process could be reduced by 80 percent.

Introducing “V-Card” from Executive Travel.


World Class Service

Everyone says that they offer great service but Executive Travel proves it. Over half of the Fortune 1000 companies use the Net Promoter Score (a customer loyalty index). NPS Scores ranges from -100 to 100. To date, Executive Travel scores a 91 distinguishing it as one of the premier companies in the world in regards to customer loyalty and satisfaction.

If you are looking for great service, start with Executive Travel. It’s not what you say that matters, it’s what you do.

Expedia Challenge

Executive Travel took on the myth that Expedia offers the lowest hotel rates to see if Executive Travel negotiated hotel rates were competitive.
Executive Travel engaged Zulu Solutions to compared hotel rates in 433 random cities, at 921 properties, and discovered the Executive Travel-negotiated hotel rates were lower than Expedia at 91% of properties by an average of $36.41.

Finding the best prices for hotels for your next business trip is easy. Simply book your hotels with Executive Travel, the very best at negotiating hotel rates.

ET Engage

Did you know less than 20% of employees are actually engaged? Imagine the impact improving engagement can have on your company’s success and bottom line. Increasing engagement increases employee satisfaction and productivity which leads to an increase in compliance, savings, and duty of care.

Executive Travel offers a solution known as ET Engage that is focused on engaging employees in the travel program by increasing their knowledge in the travel policy, preferred supplier relationships and obtaining feedback on what is and is not working for them.

Points to Cash

Points to Cash is an automated system that redeems your company points and miles for expensive airline tickets and turns them into a quarterly check from Executive Travel to your company.

For every one million dollars in airline tickets, a company purchases the Points to Cash system that can generate up to $3,000,000 free airline miles. That's enough for 120 free domestic airline tickets that can generate as much as $72,000 dollars in cash for your company.

14-Day Booking

A recent study by Executive Travel reviewed ticket prices to 15 top destinations in the U.S. found that the average round-trip airfare for same-day departure was $563.

If you make a reservation 7 days in advance, the average airfare drops to $369, a savings of $194.

If you make your travel reservation with a 14-day advance purchase, the average price drops to $247, an additional savings of $122.


HotelZip is an app that shops for you to find the best hotel rates available. This app saves customers an average of $19.74 per night on hotel reservations.

Simply contact Executive Travel to book a reservation, and the app automatically sends you a new itinerary with lower rates and updated reservation numbers as rates drop.

5 Smart Travel Tips

Take note of these 5 smart travel tips to ensure you are getting the most out of your money when you book a trip!

When you book with Executive Travel, we have your back. We are able to monitor your safety and security and it gives you the advantage of being ahead of schedule should a cancellation or delay occur.

Executive Club Ambassador Service

Executive Travel is pleased to announce our new and prestigious Executive Club Ambassador Service. This VIP concierge service is designed to provide company executives and frequent travelers a highly personalized, and streamlined travel experience.

To receive our prestigious and white-gloved service today, contact Executive Travel at 402-435- 8888. Let us simplify and streamline your travel experience with the best possible service and support.

On The Go App

The On The Go App allows you to manage every aspect of your trip in one place. From managing Air to Hotel to Parking, On the Go gives you the tools to manage your whole trip all at once, share your trip with family and friends and connect with an agent at any time.

The app is fully customizable and allows you to modify the brand layout, corporate travel policy, expense reporting and include unique travel details.


Choosing a corporate travel partner used to be straightforward. Can they execute? What does it cost?

Will they go the extra mile? The world has changed and corporate travel has changed. Security is more important, time is more important, compliance is more important and travel is more important. There are several factors to consider when choosing a corporate travel agent. Contact Executive Travel today to find a life-long partner for corporate travel.

Welcome to Executive Travel

Executive Travel offers a new and improved office with state of the art processes to fulfill the needs of all clients. The office provides an environment where clients are able to use all five senses to experience a once and a lifetime travel experience.

Stop by today to experience what it means to simplify travel with a travel professional.

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