Cuba is about to be invaded with American tourists this fall –

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The DOT is proposing a second wave of airlines be approved for scheduled flights from the U.S. to Cuba starting this fall. Alaska, American, Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, Southwest, Spirit & United will fly to Havana if the DOT preliminary recommendations are approved. Cuba is one of the most talked about destinations for many people today. I just hope there are enough hotel rooms to keep up to the tourist tsunami of Americans about to hit our neighbor to the south. P.S. Executive Travel is planning a tour to Cuba in January 2017. As soon as the details are available we will send them to everyone.

Things will soon be much easier at the airport –

The TSA will soon start testing a new screening technology that will allow passengers to leave liquids, gels, aerosols and laptops in their carry-on bags when going through the security checkpoint. Three cheers to American Airlines who is working with the TSA on offering this new technology at the Phoenix Airport this fall. This same technology is now being used when you check in your luggage at the airline counter. This hopefully, should really speed up the security checkpoint process.

Iceland is the next hot destination –

Many experts are predicting that this island is the next up and coming destination for Americans. It is a great summer destination and a new airline called WOW Air got everyone’s attention by offering unbelievable airfares as low as $99 one way from NYC to Iceland. I have never been to Iceland but I think I am about to add it to my bucket list.

Here are ten trips of a lifetime –

The new July/August digital issue of Virtuoso Life is hot off the press and it is one of the best travel magazines on the market today. And best of all it is FREE! CLICK HERE to read the most recent issue of Virtuoso Life. Be sure to read the article on the ten trips of a lifetime.

It has been a gut wrenching week for our country – 

The tragedies in Louisiana, Minnesota and Texas have knocked the wind out of all of us this past week. Every time I turn on the news there are fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, and children losing loved ones in a wave of violence. Everyone is focusing on how bad it is in our country. But, I have a different view. It is time for all of us to stop yelling what is wrong with America and start singing what is right with America. Sure we have a lot of warts and wrinkles, but we also have the most kind and compassionate people in all the world. Travel to any corner of the globe and ask any person if they could live anywhere on earth where would they like to live and you will almost always hear the “United State of America”. Ask any tour guide who are the nicest people to lead and they will echo, Americans. Every time I travel to a foreign country to enjoy their people, culture, food, and history the most powerful part of my trip is stepping off the plane upon returning to the USA and being thankful that I live in this great country. Yes, we have major problems. Yes, we have major issues that we must address. But even in our grief and pain it is comforting to know that we enjoy the greatest freedom on this earth. We have more opportunity and prosperity than any other nation on earth. It is time to show the world that America is a nation overwhelmingly filled with love, kindness and compassion. Despite all the bad this week, America is filled with so much good. Simply put, even when my eyes are full of tears from the pain of this week, I am still thankful and proud to be an American.

Join our Italian Travel Night this Thursday! –

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