Delta’s new CEO wants to make finding free seats harder

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New Delta CEO Glen Hauenstein wants to give away fewer frequent flyer award tickets in the future, saying “We want people to be able to use those miles not to fly for free but to control your experience.” Of the big three domestic airlines (American, Delta, United) Delta was already at the bottom of my list in the ability to use frequent flyer miles for international premium class (business class) tickets. Now the new boss in town says he is going to make it even harder to earn miles and redeem those miles for premium seats. Delta is a very successful airline with a history of strong customer service, however, with this move they are signaling to the frequent business travelers that their frequent flyer miles are worth less and less every day. In my humble opinion the last thing any airline should do is to tell their best customers that their loyalty “ain’t worth what it used to be”.

Fear of Zika virus explodes as 49% of travelers say they won’t travel this year to infected areas –

Last week’s Executive Travel weekly travel alert survey of business travelers asked, “Would the threat of the Zika virus keep you from traveling this year to any reported infected areas (i.e. South and Central America, Caribbean and parts of Mexico)? Of those surveyed 49% said that the virus would keep them from traveling this year to those reported affected areas. 51% of the 880 travelers surveyed the week of March 1, 2016 said they would travel to infected areas despite the threat. It appears that travelers are taking the Zika virus threat very seriously as almost 50% of those surveyed said it would have a negative impact on them traveling to infected areas. We are seeing this especially among young families and female travelers in the childbearing ages who are taking a “Better safe than sorry” posture by avoiding travel to reported infected areas.
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I need your help! –

I need you to answer this simple one question survey this week.- The only thing we ask of our readers is to help us each week by taking a 10 second survey. PLEASE CLICK HERE. Thanks so much to the 880 people who helped us with the survey listed above.

Warning! Do not use a hotel safe – They can be opened in 5 seconds or less by the bad guys –

I was shocked to watch a video this week by Mr. Locksmith showing how easy it is for the bad guys to open up electronic safes, like those used in hotel rooms. Using a special magnet the bad guys can open a safe in 5 seconds or less. For years I have put everything from money, to passports and iPads in my hotel safe thinking it was safe. Boy was I shocked to see how unsafe a hotel safe is. CLICK HERE to see an amazing video showing how fast opening a safe can be done.

Now a US Senator wants hotels to eliminate “Hidden Resort fees” and require hotels to add that to their room rates –

Last week a U.S. Senator said he wants to regulate seat sizes on airlines. This week a new Senator wants to require hotels to take those hideous resort fees and add them into the published room rates so no one is surprised. These are two real hot button issues for me. I can’t stand it when I arrive at a hotel and they surprise me with a $25 a night “resort fee”. It seems the airlines and hotels do everything they can to hide their prices, fees and surcharges when the decent and honest thing to do is put it right into the price of the product up front. It is a sad day when Congress has to tell the airlines and hotels to treat their customers with honesty and respect.

Airlines flocking to bid on service to Cuba –

The DOT has opened up bidding for scheduled daily commercial flights from the U.S. to Cuba. All the major airlines have submitted bids for flights that could commence as soon as this fall. It will be interesting to see which airline has the best lobbyists. We will find out when the new routes are awarded in the weeks ahead.

Looks like there is open inventory for European river cruises this spring –

I have noticed several River Cruise Lines are offering great prices on European river cruises if you can travel in the next two months. River Cruising has exploded in the last three years and during the busy summer months from June to September it is hard to find any inventory as many of the sailings are full on the popular rivers such as the Rhine, Danube, etc. Call one of our friendly travel advisors 402-435-8888 if you would like to find a river cruise this year.

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