Do airport architects ever travel –

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Do airport architects ever travel –

I am convinced that airport architects have never been on an airplane or visited an airport restroom. This afternoon when I arrived in Dallas I got off the plane and headed where 90% of the people head when they get off the plane…..the restroom. Airport restrooms are the worst designed rooms in the history of mankind. The entrances are 4 foot wide and they all curve. This is so a person entering can’t possibly do so at the same time someone is exiting. How can they have four urinals in a bathroom for 10,000 people who all get off the airline at the same time in a major hub? Have you ever had to squeeze your rolling luggage into a restroom stall? I think it should be a requirement to travel to 10 airports and visit their bathrooms before an architect could get a license. This way they would understand how a restroom should be designed. If we can fly a man to the moon surely we can design an easy to use, hassle free airport bathroom.

Hello from Dallas –

I am writing you today from the Omni Frisco Hotel. This beautiful new hotel just had its grand opening last weekend. She is a beauty! Even better than her physical beauty is the amazing staff. Their service will knock your socks off. I am here to present the keynote address at the industry conference called “The Beat Live”. I was voted on by the readers of The Beat newsletter to be the keynote speaker and to present an outline of the seven disruptive technologies that could turn our world upside down. I hope to share how these new exponential technologies will rapidly disrupt many current business models. The future is both scary and exciting depending on if you embrace and leverage change or if you keep doing the things you have always done. As for me, I am so excited about our future.

There are some great airfares out there –

I have been watching prices and in many markets, United Airlines is offering some great prices. The window between Labor Day and Thanksgiving historically offers some great prices as airlines try to fill the slow season. The recent hurricanes added to this year’s softness as people avoid traveling to Florida and the Caribbean. Call one of our friendly travel advisors at 402-435-8888 and let them help you find a great vacation getaway.

Taking a cab actually costs a lot more than renting a car on this trip –

I am a big advocate of using taxis and Uber for business trips. Most of the time it is so easy to press an app and have a vehicle show up curbside within minutes to take you to your meeting. Today my business meeting was 35 miles from the airport and the price for a cab was $75 including tip. This means my round trip cost is $150. Compare this with a one-day car rental from our friends at National Rental Car of $45 a day plus gas and fees for a total of $65 and you can easily see that renting a car would have saved me big time on this trip.

Delta is making it harder to earn frequent flyer status with a credit card –

New rule changes are basically making it nearly impossible to earn frequent flyer status by using an airline-branded credit card, like in the past. The new rules will cut thousands of people off from earning status and benefiting from complimentary upgrades, etc. Many customers are mad as heck as they will lose benefits despite spending tens of thousands of dollars using a Delta branded credit card. I guess when you get so big it really does not matter what the little people think. CLICK HERE to read more.

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