European invasion of credit card fees for buying tickets may hit the U.S. –

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Airlines in Europe are already charging a fee to use a credit card to purchase an airline ticket. With the European playbook in hand, U.S. airlines would love to mirror these fees ASAP.  Now that jet fuel prices have doubled in the last few years, the airlines are scrambling for revenue to offset higher expenses. Expect one of the smaller airlines like Frontier or Allegiant to start with a small $10 fee to test the waters. If people don’t scream too loud then “Katie bar the door” as the avalanche of fees will hit us again.

Hello from Chicago –

I am writing to you today from the Windy City of Chicago. I am here today on a short one-day business trip to meet with some of the top brass of United Airlines. They are sharing with our team some of their many new growth strategies and customer service initiatives they have and will launch this year.  It is so refreshing to see an airline reach out and ask how they can do things better.

Congress tells Airlines they have gone too far in shrinking airline seats –

Congress just passed legislation to fund the FAA which included a provision for the FAA to come up with new rules setting minimum dimensions for seat width and legroom.  I am not a big advocate of the Government getting into the airline business, however, the airlines have gone way too far in shrinking seat size. It is painful to fly in many seats today. I hope the new rules come fast and furious.

Dominoes fall as major airlines all increase bag fees to $30  –

First it was Jet Blue, then United, then Delta, and last but not least came American.  Raising the cost to check a bag from $25 each to $30 each on the surface does not sound like much but it raises billions for the airlines. Stop and think if you are a single traveler with two bags it will now cost you $60 each way ($120 round trip) to check your bags. If you paid $300 for your ticket you just added 40% more for the price of your trip. Wow!

Did you know you can have a second passport? –

It turns out that people who do international travel extensively can hold two passports. This allows them to travel with one and leave the second one at home getting processed with visas etc for their next trip. Click HERE for more details.

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