Executive Travel presents all employees with E-bikes to encourage wellness for the new year

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Executive Travel added some big excitement for the start of the New Year for all the staff of the company. In addition to year-end bonuses, every staff member received an E-bike as part of their “Thank you and Let’s Get Healthy” package.

Steve Glenn, Chairman commented, “Our company had an outstanding year of growth in 2019 and we wanted to thank members of our team with something ‘outside the box’. We have an amazing team that works long hours sitting at their desks. We wanted to do something to encourage them to get up out of their chairs, get outside and get healthy in 2020. E-bikes are the perfect way to transition into an active lifestyle as they overcome the psychological barrier of physical fitness.”

Electric bicycles are growing in popularity in the United States and encouraging members of every generation to get more exercise. Many millennials see E-bikes as the transportation alternative of the future as it is more ecologically friendly than a motor vehicle with a combustible engine. Baby Boomers have flocked to electric bicycles for the ease of riding and the peace of mind that there is assistance if it’s needed. E-bikes allow people of every generation the opportunity to get exercise without the burden of being unsure if your body has the strength or stamina to make the trip.

Paul Glenn, CEO of Executive Travel said, “We want our staff to maintain a balanced lifestyle of faith, family, physical and mental fitness. The E-bikes have had a tremendous response from our team and they can’t wait to have the winter weather warm up to be able to jump on the bikes and start the fun.” Glenn noted that the E-bikes provided the staff with three modes of exercise; full manual pedaling, pedal-assist where the motor amplifies your pedaling, or full electric motor.

Tailwind E-Bikes, a Lincoln-based E-bike company that launched in the spring of 2019, partnered with Executive Travel in this endeavor. For more information about electric bicycles or to learn more about Tailwind E-Bikes, please visit www.tailwindebikes.com.|