Get ready for an airfare war to Hawaii –

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We are just days away from Southwest Airlines announcing their new schedule and service to Hawaii from California. For years industry experts have been anticipating Southwest would add the Hawaiian islands to their route map. Other major airlines like United, America, Alaska, and Delta are not going to take this sitting down and they have already started offering prices for less than $399 RT to Hawaii from the west coast. This will be fun to watch. I think it is time for me to break out my Hawaiian Luau Shirt and head to the paradise islands of Aloha.

United Club lounges are a great oasis for travelers –

I am writing you this week as I sit in the United Club lounge at Chicago O’Hare on the B concourse of terminal 1. For the past decade, most airline lounges have been a great disappointment.  In the last 2 years, United has done an amazing job of updating the United Clubs as well as the amazing Polaris Lounges around the world. For the last three hours, I have enjoyed an amazing Philly sandwich, great potato soup and even a few sweets like brownies and chocolate covered pretzels in the United Club. Along with this great food I have seen outstanding service as the staff picks up and cleans my table every time I turn around.  Three cheers to United for bringing back a great oasis for the business traveler.

If you thought $8000 for a business class ticket was expensive how about $500,000 for a ticket to Mars? –

I have great admiration for the big thinking and vision from Elon Musk best known as the former CEO of Tesla. This week he shared his thoughts on how his SpaceX company will soon be offering commercial flights to Mars. The good news is that the anticipated price tag is expected to start at about $500,000 and drop to about $100,000 as volume grows.  The best news is that it includes a round-trip ticket!

Steve’s Travel tip #123 – Always check your boarding pass before you get to the airport to see if you have TSA PreCheck –

Today I was surprised to find that I did not have the TSA Precheck symbol on my mobile boarding pass. I received TSA PreCheck when I purchased my Global Entry Pass. TSA PreCheck allows me to go through the airport express security line.  It saves me hours upon hours of waiting in line at airports. Somehow this trip my ticket did not include PreCheck. If this happens to you simply ask the airline counter to add the Global Entry number to your reservation and print off a paper boarding pass. It turns out the reason I did not have PreCheck was that somehow my birthday dates had been transposed in the airline profile. My new (transposed) birthday in the profile made me 9 years younger so it actually made me feel better the whole day.

United Stroopwafel is back! –

About three years ago United Airlines started offering the Stroopwafel and I immediately fell in love with the snack from Holland. But then the airline mysteriously dropped the delightful snack until travelers almost rioted causing the airline to bring them back this past month. For years I had been a fan of Biscoff cookies that are offered by Delta and American Airlines. I still love Biscoff cookies but the amazing Stroopwafel snack is a soft, toasted thin waffle filled with Carmel, cinnamon and real bourbon vanilla and is now my favorite.  United your sins are now forgiven.

Final Call for London and the stunning Cotswolds!

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