Hello from 35,000 feet as I am flying to China today –

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I am writing you today as I am flying to China for some business meetings. This will be a crazy week as I have meetings and stops in Denver, San Francisco, Beijing, Xiamen, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Frankfurt and Chicago. This is my first orbit around the world as I will be flying east to west and circumventing the globe. Lucky for me I was able to use 210,000 frequent flyer miles and fly around the world in a first class lay-flat seat. Our company works with dozens of companies around the globe to help them manage millions of airline and credit card points that saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Let us show you how your company can save thousands of dollars by maximizing your points.

Want to minimize jet lag on a long international flight? –

My best advice is to do one simple thing. Skip drinking alcohol when flying and drink a minimum of one bottle (16 oz) of water for every two hours you are flying. My 12 hour flight to Beijing means I plan to drink 6 to 8 bottles of water during the trip. Drinking water is magical for your body when flying. The negative to my remedy of drinking so much water is that you will need to also plan to visit the restroom every 2 hours as well. Try this the next time you fly and let me know if it works for you.

Look for another wave of international airfare sales soon –

With all the mess in Europe you can bet your lucky stars that the airlines will soon be launching some real good airfares to Europe this fall and winter. Just a few weeks ago United Airlines blew my socks off by offering RT airfares from Omaha to many cities for less than $600. Wow! If seats continue to stay empty you can bet that another round of international airfares will pop soon . I don’t think they will be as low as the last sale but they will still be great prices.

Steve’s Prediction #11 – Having a Global Entry Pass becomes a “must” for international travelers in 2016 –

Remember in January when I made 65 predictions for 2016? Prediction #11 was that 2016 would see a stampede for people registering for Global Entry/TSA PreCheck passes. My prediction is coming true as 10’s of thousands of people are frantically trying to register for a Global Entry pass. For a $100 fee a Global Entry approved traveler can purchase a five year pass that puts you in the express lane when re-entering the U.S. and clearing immigration. This pass can save you as much as 60 minutes of waiting in line to get through immigration and customs. It also can be used to allow you to use the TSA pre-check express line when clearing the security check-point at U.S. airports. On a recent trip returning from Europe it took me 60 seconds to clear immigration while over 300 people stood in line for hours without a Global Entry Pass. Executive Travel has held 4 Global Entry interview sessions in Omaha and Lincoln in the last few months and all of them have sold out it a few days.

How in the world do you use a butler service? –

My son Matt and I are staying at the St. Regis hotel in Beijing this week. When I was reading about the hotel services I saw that our room will be serviced by a personal butler. I always feel a little weird if I stay at a place that has butler service and can’t figure out how to use the service. I really don’t want them packing and unpacking my suitcase with my old underwear. I have asked them to bring me a pot of hot coffee and breakfast and shine my shoes but after that I really don’t know how to use the friendly chaps. If a hotel is going to provide you with a butler I think they also ought to provide a farm boy like me a list of things they can do for you.

It is time to get rid of reclining seats on airplanes –

There is so little room today between airplane seats (coach class) that when the person in front of me reclines their seat I can’t even put the tray down to set my drink on. My legs are so long that I physically am in pain when the person in front of me reclines their seat. I realize that the airlines would suggest that I pay the extra $100 and reserve an “Economy Plus” seat with 5 inches of extra legroom. I think if the airlines truly want to treat their customers right they need to at least provide a comfortable seat for the people in the back of the plane as well as those in the front of the plane.

Flying with pets is becoming the next new travel trend –

Airlines and airports are preparing for the next new trend of people traveling with their pets. JFK airport in New York City is on the cutting edge of this trend as they have launched a $48 million terminal that includes a 20,000-square-foot play area for dogs and separate area for cats. And get this, if you need your pet to stay overnight at the airport they also have a pet hotel for the tidy sum of $100 a night.

Book your holiday travel now –

I know this sounds crazy but we are already seeing an amazing amount of early bookings for airlines and hotel reservations around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Even finding a hotel in a sun and fun resort destination between Christmas and New Years is starting to get very difficult to locate. If you are looking for bargains please don’t hold your breath. When things start to fill up this early prices go up even faster. Call one of our friendly travel advisors at 402-435-8888 and let us help you find your holiday vacation getaway.

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