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Today I am writing you from Atlanta as I am here meeting with travel industry executives on the Travelport Advisory Board. At this meeting, I am presenting a speech titled “Seven exponential technologies that will disrupt the travel industry in three years (or less)”. This is an exciting time for us in the travel industry as massive change is just around the corner. You can either embrace the change and grow with it or resist change and risk being left behind. Thirty-two years ago I started Executive Travel with the disruptive idea of giving away IBM computers to secretaries who had typewriters on their desks. I showed them how to use the computer as a word processor to replace the typewriter and to also make online travel reservations using a dial-up modem. We were making online reservations before there was an internet! Now that was disruptive and fun!

Delta’s new free in-flight texting is the best thing since apple pie –

On Monday I flew Delta Air Lines to Atlanta and I wanted to try out their new free in-flight texting service. I opened my wi-fi and then was offered to connect to the free texting service using the Delta app. You must download one of three apps to use the free Delta service. iMessage, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger apps all work well. You still have to pay to use wi-fi service for emails and to send photos. Let’s hope all the other airlines follow in Delta’s footsteps.

If you wear a suit and tie you get better service from the airlines –

I have noticed that the better you dress on a flight the better the service you get from an airline. I think there is a perception by airline staff that business people are their best customers and pay the highest airfares. Thus they want to provide business travelers with white glove service. Many times I have seen airline staff go out of their way to help me when I am wearing even a sports coat. I am amazed at what people wear on an airplane today. Some look like they just came from the beach with their swimsuit, sweaty t-shirt, and flip-flops. Others I think are still wearing their pajamas.

United Airlines baggage delivery service can save you a lot of time –

The service allows you to not have to wait at baggage claim for your bags to come out. You tell United where you want them delivered and they will deliver them to any location or hotel within 40 miles of the airport within 4 hours of arrival for as little as $29. How many times have you waited 30-45 minutes at the baggage carousel and wished you could have been on your way instead of waiting for your bags? This service will let you get up and go! CLICK HERE to read more.

Should you buy airline miles directly from the airlines? –

Every few months I receive offers from the major airlines who are offering to sell me frequent flyer miles at a discounted rate. Generally speaking, these are not the best deal. I have noticed that to purchase enough miles (25,000) for a round-trip domestic airline ticket will cost approximately $600 using a saver award ticket. As you are probably aware most tickets for domestic vacation travel will cost significantly less than $600. Business travelers, however, often find tickets that might be more than $600 round-trip. Unfortunately, these tickets often require standard frequent-flier tickets that cost 50,000 miles round-trip. The bottom line is don’t buy miles from the airlines.

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