Hello from Cancun, Mexico –

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I am writing you this week from the Ritz-Carlton Resort in sunny Cancun, Mexico. When I tell people I am going to Cancún for a business meeting they usually laugh and say “sure you are”. But this time it’s true! The weather in Cancun is a hot 85 degrees and sunny. You can never go wrong if you stay at a Ritz-Carlton and the one here in Cancun was the first Ritz-Carlton built outside the U.S. 25 years ago. This hotel has two of the five best restaurants in Mexico, plus a white sand beach highlighting the most beautiful azure blue water in the world.

Is it safe to travel to Mexico? –

This question comes up a lot by my friends who are thinking of traveling to Mexico, but have read the news about drug violence, Zika, and tainted alcohol. Mexican officials say the majority of the violence in Mexico is limited to 7 areas with the rest of Mexico being as safe to travel to as most cities in the U.S. My opinion is that if you are traveling to Cancun, the Riviera Mayan, and areas along the Yucatán peninsula on the gulf coast side and Cabo San Lucas on the Pacific side, you should be safe. If you travel to other areas in Mexico, you had better take extra safety precautions.

Cancun has really cleaned up its act –

I visit Cancun about every three years. I must say I have been impressed how much Cancun has cleaned up and improved their image. My first trip here over 25 years was an eye opener with no air conditioning in many buildings, bad roads, and hotels that looked great from the outside, but were horrendous on the inside. Today, you can find dozens of world-class resorts throughout Mexico. South of Cancun is the Riviera Mayan area, which has been the hot destination the last 10 years. World-class resorts offer great value and fantastic facilities. One great thing about travel to Cancun is that you can jump on a jet in the morning and be on the beach just after lunch. Plus the airfares to Cancun are really reasonable right now. If you are interested in the fun and sun of Mexico call one of our friendly travel advisors at 402-435-8888, they will be happy to help get you started.

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