Hello from Cartagena, Columbia –

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I am writing you this week from the beautiful city of Cartagena, Columbia. I am here attending a meeting of the Travelport Advisory Board. If you love warm tropical weather then this town is the place for you. The weather is in the high 70s at night and high 80’s during the day. The only thing wrong with my trip is that the weather is almost picture perfect back in Lincoln, Nebraska so I don’t have bragging rights when I get home. The first question everyone asks me when I told them I was traveling to Cartagena was “Is it safe to travel there”? Twenty years ago this was the drug Capitol of the world. Many books and movies have been written telling the stories of the drug cartel taking control of this part of the world. It appears that Cartagena is quietly moving beyond the dark shadows of the past and has turned into a charming seaside city that feels like a blend of old world Cuba meets Europe. I’m really glad I came here.

DOT bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones from all flights –

Last Friday the DOT announced they were banning anyone from taking a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on any flights. For the last several months battery fires with the phone made airlines request that owners of the phone turn them off during flight. The new rule in affect says you can’t even take them on the plane or they will be confiscated and you will be fined.

Why do airlines treat their best customers like dirt when they try to use frequent flyer miles –

I have never understood why the major airlines would spend billions of dollars a year rewarding their best customers with frequent flyer miles every time they travel and yet when their customers earn enough miles to redeem for a free ticket they unexplainably remove all the advantages (like upgrading and changing a ticket) that they would normally enjoy as an elite club member during the trip. It almost feels like you have some kind of plague when you walk up to the airline rep and they ask you if you are flying on a “Free” ticket. If you are a road warrior and have to fly for business 10-20 times a year and finally earn enough miles to take a vacation you would think the airline would want you to celebrate and treat you extra special not make you feel like you are a bad boy that should sit in the corner.

Travelers can buy all the Cuban cigars and rum they want –

The Obama administration recently announced that you can now purchase unlimited quantities of cigars and rum for personal use when returning from Cuba. For most of my life buying Cuban cigars was against the law. Now as the times are changing the walls between Cuba and the U.S are coming down fast.

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