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I’m writing you today from Guangzhou, China as I am on a short three-day visit to the Canton Trade Fair in Guangzhou. The Canton Fair takes place twice a year and is the largest trade export fair in the world. Manufacturers from China and southeast Asia come here to display their goods to buyers from around the world. You can buy anything from umbrellas to golf carts at this massive event. I usually come twice a year and use it to buy things for a couple of businesses I own. This is also where I come to dream big dreams and see how big and how small the world is. There is nothing like it on earth.

Business class airfares to Asia are a bargain compared to flying to Europe –

The cost of flying business class to China is about 2 to 3 times the cost to fly coach. Compare that to the 5 to 6 times it costs for business class to Europe, flying to China in a business class seat almost feels like a bargain. Also, I’ve have had good luck finding business class seats to Asia using my airline frequent flyer miles. For about 150,000 miles (low season) you can fly in style.

Luxury hotel prices in China allow you to travel in style and not break the piggy bank –

The service, food, and facilities of all these hotels are some of the best in the world. One hotel told me they have 4 staff members for every room in the hotel. Even with this amazing service, the price for a 5-star hotel in China is 50% less than the same brand in the U.S.

Here are some more observations (the good, bad, and ugly) about China this year.

Bike sharing in China has gone crazy –

Start-up companies have planted millions of bicycles in many of the major cities in China. Unfortunately, so many bikes have been added, now giant piles of abandoned and broken bicycles have become a familiar sight in many big cities. It does not seem the Chinese people understand public etiquette. When they are done riding the bikes they simply leave them in the middle of the streets and sidewalks. What a mess.

E-Bikes are the new hot thing in China –

They are everywhere. These electric bicycles allow the Chinese to cheaply travel up to 25 miles with little to no effort. The Europeans have also quickly discovered e-bikes as well. Our team is bringing a few of these bikes home with us to test them for quality and safety. As the prices come down, I think Americans will also join the e-bike craze.

Very few people speak English in China –

If you’re not staying at a “western” hotel, you may have a lot of difficulties finding someone to speak English.

New translator apps on your mobile phone makes travel in China much easier –

This trip I am testing iTranslate and WayGo. I am lucky that we usually have a translator with us for business trips that makes things much easier. Here is a great article on the top 5 translation apps. CLICK HERE to view the article.

Everyone loves the U.S. Dollar –

Officially businesses do not accept any currency except the Chinese RMB. However, you will get an even bigger bang for your buck in many places by paying with the U.S. dollar.

You would have to be crazy to travel to China (or most places outside the U.S.) without using a professional travel advisor –

Remember, it’s not what you know (Internet), it’s who you know (travel professional), that turns travel into memories for a lifetime.

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