Hello from Hong Kong

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I’m writing you today from Hong Kong (one of my favorite cities in the world), as I am making my way to Guangzhou, China for a short three-day visit to the Canton Trade Fair. The Canton Fair takes place twice a year and is the largest trade export fair in the world. I am here this week to meet manufacturers of E-bikes. These electric bicycles are the hot new thing in the U.S. and we will be launching a new company to import some amazing E-bikes. Take a peek at a preliminary (draft-not yet completed) website we are building to showcase these hot new E-bikes at https://tailwindebikes.com/home-staging/

Get ready to be fingerprinted when traveling to China –

Upon arrival in China, I was amazed to find out they are now fingerprinting everyone entering the country. When I was just here in April and they didn’t require it but now they do. One of the best thing that China has done in the last few years was allowing U.S. citizens to buy a 10-year visa instead of having to buy one every year.

Here is a tip to get to your hotel in China when your taxi driver does not speak English –

Most taxi drivers in China do not speak English so when you jump in a taxi at the airport and tell them you want to go to the Westin they have no idea what you are saying. When this happens I simply pull out my phone and call the hotel. Most hotels have staff that speaks English and Mandarin. I simply hand the taxi driver my phone and the hotel clerk then gives directions to the hotel. Works every time.

Luxury Hotels prices in China allow you to travel in style and not break the piggy bank –

The service, food, and facilities of all these hotels are some of the best in the world. One hotel told me they have 4 staff members for every room in the hotel. Even with this amazing service, the prices for a 5-star hotel in China is 50% less than the same brand in other countries.

Women of Nebraska is off to Paris and the Normandy, and Italy! –

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