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I am writing you today on my first day of a three-day business trip to Las Vegas. Spend just a few hours here and you will easily understand how it gets the nicknames of “sin city” and “glitter gulch”.

Here are my 10 travel tips when visiting Las Vegas and how it has changed over the years.

#1 – Don’t stay in anything less than a 4-star hotel in Las Vegas (LAS) – You will be really disappointed in your room, service, and quality of stay if you reach down to a 3 star in glitter gulch. The cost of a four-star hotel is still pretty reasonable (sometimes under $100) and you can even find deals on 5-star hotels when you travel mid-week. Hotels offer great prices for staying Sunday to Wednesday.

#2 – If you get a taxi driver who starts telling you stories you are paying too much for your cab fare – Talking taxi drivers are simply trying to distract you from realizing he is taking you the long way to your destination. Of the 6 taxi rides, I had to the same destination the two times I got drivers who talked all the time the taxi fare was $10 higher as they took us the “fastest route” instead of the direct route. When the taxi driver starts telling you stories you are in trouble.

#3 – Pay for your taxi ride with cash – They will charge you $3 extra to use your credit card.

#4 – Use Uber instead of taxis – It is faster and cleaner and cheaper.

#5 – Where have all the $1 shrimp cocktails and $2.99 all-you-can-eat buffets gone? – I guess I am aging myself when I think back to the good old days when they tried to draw you to LAS with the lowest priced buffets. Today’s buffets are a culinary dream that can cost upwards of $95 a person. CLICK HERE to find out about the best buffets.

#6 – LAS is the entertainment capital of the world – Every hotel has a major headliner. The best singers, dancers, magicians, Broadway productions, and comedians in the world perform here every night. Be sure to buy your tickets before you arrive in LAS as the shows fill up fast.

#7 – LAS is foodie heaven – If you are looking for great food from every corner of the world you will find it in LAS. Every top chef in the world has one or more restaurants in this city. Be prepared to open up your wallet if you sit down for dinner in this city. The average cost of a great steak, side dishes, and a few drinks can push $100 per person. Wait staff is paid very well so you will also be blessed with great service at almost every hotel restaurant here.

#8 – Hotels here will charge you a disgusting $39 daily resort fee – That is disgusting in my book. There ought to be a law preventing hotels from deceiving the public like this.

#9 – Up in smoke – Nevada last year approved recreational use of marijuana. Now the town is really going up in smoke.

#10 – Be prepare to walk and walk and walk – The hotels are so massive that just walking from the front desk to your room can be almost a 1/4 mile or more. And if you walk between hotels, what looks like just a few blocks on a map can actually be a few miles. Bring comfy shoes!


#11 – Don’t rent a car if you are staying along the “Strip” – Valet parking can cost upwards of $75 a night. That pays for a lot of taxi cabs.

#12 – Don’t believe them when they tell you it is “not hot” but “dry heat” –When the temperature hits 110 degrees in LAS the low humidity only makes it feel like 105. It’s HOT in Las Vegas.

#13 – Be warned, taking your young family to LAS may be a mistake – You will find all the good, the bad, and the ugly of humanity in Las Vegas. It is bright, bold, brash and in your face. That freedom of expression in LAS is refreshing to some and disgusting to others.

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