Hello from Munich, Germany

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I am writing to you this week from Germany as I host a small group of friends on a short tour of the Christmas Markets in Munich and Salzburg. This is one of the most fun and festive trips you can take this time of year as you will feel like you are in a Christmas fairytale.

Here are a few observations about my Germany trip so far –

Americans are everywhere – In every shop and every restaurant you can find Americans. It looks like it will be a good year for American tourism in Germany.

You can no longer tell American tourists by their shoes – For the last 20 years, I have been saying that you can always tell an American tourist by their tennis shoes. Europeans always seemed to be wearing black leather shoes. Well, not anymore.  My observation on this trip is that Europeans are now just as likely to be wearing tennis shoes as Americans.

The Euro currency is a bargain right now – Travel to Europe is an excellent value as the U.S. dollar has continued to increase in value over the last 5 years.

Germans make wine in the north and beer in the south – Most people don’t understand that Germans make white wine in the north and beer in the south. Germans make good, sweet, white wine but if you want a good red wine you will have to go to France (or California) for that.  Germany makes the best beer in the world.  Almost every town has its own brewery with each one bragging they are the best. I have noticed that German beer all has an inch or 2 of foam (head) on it. American beer does not have a head on it. German beer seems to taste so much richer and full of taste. Also, Americans on a diet will be disappointed as it is almost impossible to find “Lite” beer in Germany.

There is a bank ATM every 100 feet in Germany – I thought there were a lot of ATMs in the U.S. but there must be twice as many in Germany. I always recommend that instead of taking a lot of cash on your trip to Europe that you only take a few hundred Euros with you and use your credit card to get cash from the many ATM’s.

Germans love to smoke – Young and old alike, Germans of all ages smoke a lot of cigarettes. Americans will notice this as smoking has declined on our side of the pond in the last 30 years.

You don’t need to speak German to navigate Germany – almost everyone speaks English here and almost every restaurant has a menu in English.

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