Hello from New Delhi, India

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I am writing to you today from New Delhi, India. I am galloping around the globe this week with business meetings in Delhi and Moradabad, India followed by a fast and furious business trip to Guangzhou, China. This trip is basically “for Zombies Only” as jet lag never seems to end.

This is my first time flying Singapore Airlines –

I had some unused Singapore Airlines frequent flyer miles I needed to burn before they expired. My flight departed Seattle to their hub in Singapore with a long stopover of 7 hours before a connecting flight on to Delhi. Singapore has been called the best airline in the world by many flyers. This was my virgin flight and I wanted to see if they lived up to their hype. I am lucky to have enough miles to fly business class on the almost 16-hour flight. While Singapore is one of the best others are catching up with them in many areas.

Here is the good, bad, and ugly about Singapore Airlines – 

  1. Their staff is amazing. Friendly, efficient and full of energy – The young service team on Singapore kind of puts to shame U.S. flagged airlines who have put seniority ahead of service, in my humble opinion.
  2. Their business class seats are big and roomy on the Airbus 350 – As a bigger person, I was so impressed that the seats seamed almost 6 inches wider than those U.S. airlines. Their seats on their Boeing 787 are the same as U.S. flagged airlines.
  3. The food is fantastic – I really enjoyed the food presentation and taste. My salmon was perfect. Even the dessert was tasty. I must admit that the dessert did not beat out my favorite vanilla ice cream caramel Sunday offered by United Airlines. Plus my friends at Turkish Airlines who have a chef on board with seat side meal presentation probably beat them all.
  4. Restrooms are super clean – One of my pet peeves is dirty airplane restrooms. The restrooms on Singapore were sparkling clean through the 16-hour flight. My favorite airplane restroom is found on the United Boeing 787 Polaris class which has a handicap accessible restroom. It is twice the size of others.
  5. Singapore’s business class lounge is not very good in the U.S – compared to the new Polaris lounge of United or AA’s new lounges. However, the Singapore Hub airport Krysflyer lounge is amazing and super clean.
  6. The amenity kit is a bummer – Singapore Airlines, surprisingly, does not offer an amenity kit on their flights. This is one area other airlines beat them.
  7. Layovers in Singapore are free and encouraged – This airline understands how valuable it is to get people to stop and stay over in their hub of Singapore. Singapore is arguably one of the most beautiful and clean cities in all the world. It has a rich British heritage that makes it easy to visit.
  8. Singapore airport is one of the best in the world – It is busy 24 hours a day. Amazing shops and food. It is actually fun to stopover here.

My return flights from Delhi will be on China Southern and Unites Airlines. I will be able to share and compare their service in the coming days.

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