Hello from New Delhi, India

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I am writing to you today from New Delhi, India. I was in Munich, Germany on Sunday and decided I would skip down to India for a two-day business meeting before heading home. This saved me a longer trip in a few months. This trip is basically “for Zombies Only” as jet lag never seems to end.

Here is the good, bad, and ugly on India.

1. Good – The people are amazing. They may be the friendliest in the world. Plus, they speak good English.

2. Bad – Smog. I began coughing the minute I stepped off the plane in New Delhi. I understand that in many areas that is not the case but in New Delhi it is very obvious.

3. Good – Amazing work ethic. While I am visiting plants I have observed people working harder than I have ever seen.

4. Bad – The roads. If you want to experience one of those terror rides at Disneyworld simply ride in a car in India. I was fortunate enough to have a driver as I would never encourage anyone to drive here unless they had been here many times before. There are people driving on the wrong side of the road, zipping left and right with little warning. Thousands of bikes, motorcycles, trucks, buses, tractors, horses and my favorite; the green three-wheeled motorized rickshaws that are everything from a taxi to a pickup truck. Driving at night is even more fun as many motorcycles and bikes have no lights. Wow! P.S. They also drive on the left side of the road to confuse me even more.

5. Good – Hotel Hospitality. They all seem to have outstanding staff and everyone offers to help you. How refreshing.

6. Good and bad – The food. People either love or hate Indian food. I have a very simple palette and can’t take very spicy food. I bet you can guess what my vote is about Indian food.

7. Good – Massive changes every day. I was in India only two months ago and the four-hour drive to Moradabad from New Delhi has already seen massive road improvement. Even with much of the improvements being done with manual labor, it is great to see how fast their new roads come together.

8. Bad – E-VISA process. It can take hours to fill out and get approval for an E-VISA to enter India. The online application is a mess. Waiting in the immigration line to enter India at the airport is also a mess and rather lengthy.

9. Good and bad – I think the best time to visit India is between December and March when the temps are cooler. If you are here in the summer get ready to enjoy a sauna every day.

My next trip to India I hope to put on my tourist hat and take off my business hat. It will probably give me a whole new perspective of this amazing country.

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