Hello from New York City –

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I am writing to you this week from the Big Apple as I am here attending a conference called Exponential Finance 2016 hosted by Singularity University. This amazing conference brings together some of the worlds’ greatest minds to peer into the future of the global economy to see how business will be disrupted by the major changes taking place in the world today by new technologies. I am curious how these major changes will affect the travel industry. CLICK HERE to peek at this amazing program.

Don’t feel intimidated to travel to New York City –

This giant city can be intimidating to some as it is so big it can swallow you up. Decades ago this city was a dirty mess filled with mountains of trash and homeless people on every corner. Today this city is very clean and filled with positive energy. Be sure to put the Big Apple on your travel bucket list in the coming years.

Here are my top 10 things to see and do in New York City –

1. Statue of Liberty –

The Statue of Liberty is the world famous sculpture on Liberty Island in New York Harbor and was a gift from France as an icon of freedom welcoming immigrants to our great country.

2. Empire State Building –

This 102 story skyscraper stood as the tallest building in the world for almost 4 decades when it was built in 1931. Visiting the observatory will take your breath away as you can see the city in all its splendor. I remember my mom bringing me here over 50 years ago.

3. Broadway and Times Square –

When people say New York City they almost always think of Broadway and the dozens of theaters dotting along the street known as the heart of the American theatre industry. I love to see Broadway shows and musicals. Times Square is the epicenter of Broadway as giant neon and digital signs climb hundreds of feet up into the sky. There is no place on earth like standing in Times Square at night time. The hottest play on Broadway today is the super hit “Hamilton”. Tickets for this blockbuster can run as high as $500 a ticket.

4. Central Park –

An estimated 40 million visitors each year visit this 700 acre park that has been designated a National Historic Landmark. This park is in the center of the island and alive with people walking, running, playing baseball, bicycling, walking their dogs and enjoying the park’s beauty. One of my favorite places to eat is the restored historic icon Tavern On the Green.

5. Hop-On Hop-Off city bus tours –

One of the best ways to see the city is to jump on one of the many double decker bus tours. A one day pass costs $50 and lets you jump on and off the bus as many times as you like. The best value is a 3 day pass ($79) that lets you visit almost every major site and neighborhood in the Big Apple.

6. 9/11 Memorial and Museum –

Nothing on your visit to NYC will be more emotional than a visit to the National September 11 Memorial and Museum. These commemorate the attacks on the World Trade Center that killed 2977 victims in 2001. The new One World Observatory at the top of One World Trade Center just opened this year on May 29 and is a dynamic can’t miss attraction. CLICK HERE to see an amazing video about the new observatory.

7. High Line –

One of the hottest new attractions in the City is the High Line which is a 1.45 mile long section of the old elevated New York Central Railroad that was renovated into a walking park and just recently completed. This is the perfect way to stroll and see amazing views of the city and the river.

8. Brooklyn Bridge –

This landmark is one of the oldest bridges in the U.S. and is now over 130 years old. The bridge is a great walking experience and is only about a mile and a half long so it is an easy walk for old duffers like me. The best time to walk the bridge is to start early in the morning from the Brooklyn side to watch the city come alive with the sunrise.

9. Restaurants and Food markets –

New York City is the food Capitol of the world. You can find almost any food from around the world. Even an old farmboy like me can find an amazing steak in this city as some of my favorite steakhouses are all around the city. New Yorkers love their food markets. Don’t miss Urbanspace Vanderbilt next to the Grand Central Station, Gansevoort Market at the Meat Packing District, and Gotham West Market in Hell’s Kitchen.

10. Battery Park –

This waterfront park is the perfect place for a casual picnic on the southern edge of Manhattan Island. Visit one of the hundreds of delis in the city and grab a sandwich and a bottle of your favorite drink for the perfect picnic.

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