Hello from Passau, Germany –

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I am writing you this week as I complete the last leg of a wonderful Blue Danube river cruise on AMA Waterways’ ship the AMAViola. If you want to see Europe the easy way, this is it. This cruise line offers amazing service and ships that are newer and smaller than many on the river. Fantastic service, food, and facilities. This is a recipe for the perfect vacation.

Southwest Airlines announces giant 3-day flash airfare sale offering fares as low as $98 RT –

I have been waiting for Southwest to fill up some empty seats and this morning they announced a new flash airfare sale that allows for great prices for travel from Oct 31 to Dec 19, 2017, and Jan 3 to Feb 14, 2018. This sale has a lot of restrictions including you have to travel outbound on Tuesday through Friday and inbound Sunday through Wednesday. This flash sale offers prices as low as $49 one way on some of their short flights. Most of the lowest prices are on their non-stop flights. International flights are also included in this sale however the discounts are not as significant. This sale ends Thursday, October 12th so call our office today at 402-435-8888.

U.S. blocks people from Turkey from traveling to the U.S. and Turkey reciprocates –

Recently the Turkish government detained a U.S. citizen and the U.S. government said “That ain’t going to happen,” so they announced they will not issue any more visas to Turkish citizens who want to travel to the U.S. Turkey immediately did the same thing and says that no U.S. citizens can get a Turkish visa. The good news is that Turkish Airlines has their hub in Istanbul and you are not required to have a visa to simply transit through Istanbul if you are flying on Turkish Airlines on to another city. Let’s hope these two governments get things worked out soon.

Steve’s Travel Tip #94 –

Never, Never, Never put anything in the airline seat pockets. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard from a customer who reported that they accidentally left a personal item on the airplane when they recently traveled. When I ask them where they left it 9 times out of 10 they say they remember putting it into the airline seat pocket under the tray table on the seat in front of them. Lost items include mobile phones, phone chargers, Ipads, notebooks, and a host of paper items. Everyone is in a hurry to get off the plane and get to their destination ASAP. That is when the old saying “Out of sight, out of mind” hits.

If the Americans and Japanese stopped traveling tourism in Europe would come to a stop –

Americans love to travel to Europe. Everywhere I went in Hungary, Austria, the Chech Republic, and Germany was filled with Americans. Despite the recent dramatic increase in the price of the Euro to the US Dollar Americans are exploring every corner of Europe. It also does not appear that the threat of terrorism is slowing any Americans down either. It appears that we have this Yankee independence that says no one is going to slow us down. For every 2 Americans, I saw this week there was a least one person from Japan. I stopped in one of the shops yesterday and it had a map of the world with a push pin designating the home for all their customers for the last three years. The most push pins were located in the USA and Japan.

Learning a foreign language is now almost obsolete –

Last week the press reported that Google was launching new earbuds that would immediately translate a foreign language to your ear. This will be a powerful transformation for international travelers. This new technology combines the best of voice recognition with exciting new artificial intelligence. When I arrived in Budapest for my current trip the taxi driver spoke into his mobile phone and it immediately translated into English for me. No more pointing at the map and hoping I arrive at my real destination. Wow! Now it is easier than ever to travel the world.

Travel to Hawaii is skyrocketing as hurricanes push vacations to the Paradise of the Hawaiian Islands –

If you are planning a winter getaway this year you may want to act fast as major hurricanes in the Caribbean and Florida along with security issues in Mexico are pushing more and more travelers to make reservations in Hawaii this year. There are some really good prices that remain to many properties in Hawaii if you book your reservation by October 12 and travel between January and May. Call one of our friendly travel advisors at 402-435-8888 if you want us to help you find the perfect vacation.

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