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I am writing you this week as I am attending the giant Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) annual meeting. This meeting is one giant party as airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and travel management companies from all over the world converge to strut their stuff. I have been honored to be asked this year to make a seminar presentation today. What an amazing industry to be part of.

San Diego has the most perfect weather in the world –

If you are looking for a perfect destination for a vacation at almost any time of the year then San Diego may be your answer. In the dead of the summer when it is 90 degrees in Nebraska it is a perfect 75 in San Diego. In the dead of winter when it is 10 degrees in the Midwest it is a moderate 66 degrees in San Diego. And if you are looking for sunshine, 2 of every 3 days are filled with sunshine and very little rain.

San Diego, Seattle and San Francisco are three of my top ten best cities in the US –

San Diego has now moved to my top ten list. It has a small town feel and yet one of the best food, entertainment and recreation venues in the world. Add to that some really friendly people and you have got a vacation destination that will make you want to come back again and again.

This town must be the dog capital of the world –

It seems like everyone in San Diego must have a dog. I think there must be some kind of crazy California law that requires anyone over 12 years old must own a dog. I even saw two homeless people today with dogs. How crazy is that? The great thing about Californians is they have amazing doggy etiquette and you hardly ever see any doggy doodoo on the sidewalks. In Paris they also have millions of dogs, however, walking the streets of Paris is like navigating a minefield in Afghanistan.

One thing is crystal clear from this meeting –

People love to travel and the travel industry is continuing its climb as the largest industry in the world. Today you can travel to almost every corner of the globe in less than two days. If you have the health and resources to travel I hope you will become the next Mark Twain and fill your life with the wonderful experiences of the world. I would love to help you turn your bucket list into reality. Call me anytime.

Three Great Domestics with Women of Nebraska!

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